So what do people want to see in the next update?

(Gavin) #1

so what ideas do people have for update that will be coming to are phones


S.E.P.A. Credit Transfers

(Dan) #3
  • Updated Targets for people with different pay dates
  • Rules for Pots
  • Apple Pay


Set up auto daily weekly or monthly saving into pots set up- holidays etc.

(Chris Green) #5

Apple Pay/Apple Wallet support!

(Andy Little) #6

Running balance.
Rules for pots.
Rules for standing orders.

Of those three, the running balance feels like a missing necessity. The others are nice to haves.


I’ve attached screenshots of the Spending Analytics for Monzo versus Revolut.

I would expect and like to see Monzo implement a similar % metric, and a pie chart graphic. Having a break down of how much each category accounts for cumulative monthly spending to date in percentage terms is much more useful for budgeting money than knowing the absolute value per category. At present I am having to do the approximations in my head which is not ideal, as this seems like a natural fit for Monzo which I am planning to use for outflows primarily. However, the interface analytics need to improve in near-term future updates - a lot of weight is given to targets which is great, but let’s walk before we start running please.

P.S. This is my first post! Could someone tag Hugo the app developer please. Cheers.


that should be popular :wink:

(Simon) #11

Have a running balance on iOS already

(Christopher Ackers) #12

In 20 years of working in MI and analytics, I’ve never yet found a use for pie charts!

(Jack Donovan) #13

Definitely extended budgeting options.

I have used another budgeting program for years, and as much as I love using it. I would love to be able to do it all in one place :heart_eyes:

Ohhh and automated rules for Pots!


My comment was sarcastic. They have been suggested before and there is always a number of posts saying how people don’t like them


Bills split with friends to not affect spending amounts/ incoming payments assigned a category to reduce the spending in that category.

It was my turn to pay for a meal and have friends send me the money a couple of days ago, and it has completely messed up my spending for the month.


Cool story, but the point remains valid that for the purpose of budgeting periodic expenditure at the very minimum a breakdown in percentage terms under the balances would be useful (see the Revolut image). If you have a dislike for pie charts then that’s your prerogative, but they serve visual purposes for this simple budget breakdown.

(Christopher G Stotesbury) #17

Sticky references for payments ++

New category for payments “Transfer Out”, not included in total spend.

Ability to categorise incoming funds, e.g into “Income” and “Transfer In”

(Andy Little) #18

Really? I’ll trade. If I can have a running balance I’ll give up android pay!

(Kenny Grant) #19

I ran a poll here recently which got some interesting responses:

Looks like most people want rules for pots.


iOS has a running balance? Is there an option somewhere? My iOS app has a total balance and balance spent today but no running balance after every transaction which, I think, is what @Andy1 would like .

(Eve) #21

I would like their pie chart a lot more if it was a weekly/monthly view rather than a daily one

(Simon) #22

Not after every transaction but after every day which is plenty for me. I guess if you had loads of transactions in a day it might be useful to have it after every transaction?
For me being able to see my balance at the end of any day is plenty