Small change charity donations

(Iain Mullan) #1


Any time you make a Mondo transaction, it rounds up the small change and sends it to a charity of your choice. You could have thresholds and caps. eg. minimum transaction £5, anything above that, round it up.

eg. Pret £2.50 - no donation. Pub - £12.40 … 60p to charity. Monthly donation cap of the user’s choosing.

‘Pennies’ is a “digital charity box” which has the same goal, but needs to be installed/implemented by individual retailers. … i’ve seen this in action on eBay and Dominos Pizza.

I’ve had a look for a generic donation API - FirstGiving sounds like the type of thing that’s needed…

Not sure what the technical ins and outs of the payment part are… may need to be an internal Mondo feature, rather than built externally via APIs.

Interested to hear from the devs on how feasible this would be? Would be keen to put in some dev work on this myself if it’s possible to do with the API.


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(Stuart Cameron) #2

Sounds like a great idea! Bank of Scotland do something similar, but instead of putting it to charity it goes to a savings account.

(Tristan Thomas) #3

At our last hackathon, @Jon and @marcoala started working on something very similar to this! It was called Penny Change: :slight_smile:

Moneybox app integration
(Chris Black) #4

I’d love to do that so much !
But sometimes I’d love to have the option to change on “my saved pence” ? I mean, everyday I go to Co Operative (cross road from my salon where I work) and I buy something what is under £1 or between £1 - £2… So if that charity thing would be forever then they will get so rich just because of my silly daily purchases :joy::joy::joy: so yah ! I would love and my own category for my pence. I am not selfish, will be days when I choose like rounded pence to be sent to charity :upside_down_face::slight_smile:️:wink:

(Susannah Benson) #5

Apologies if this has been discussed before but I’d really like to see a way to make giving small amounts to charity regularly more easy and more flexible. One of the biggest barriers I have personally is not wanting to set up direct debits to charity as I’d rather give based on my monthly outgoings and want to be flexible to start and stop.

E.g. if you’re under-spending then if there was the option to give a chosen amount to preferred charity or an option to round up purchases for the rest of the month? Or an end of the month reminder - “do you want to give to your chosen charity this month?”

(Naji Esiri) #6

@Benson The good people at Sustainably have created an integration which does exactly this and works with Monzo. It’s not launched yet but should be available soon! Keep an eye on this thread for updates.