Sky Glass and Sky Stream

Thanks for the replies. I’ll give it a go with contract and if it doesn’t fit my needs return it before the trial is up!

Well I did it and signed up, apparently they are giving 2 months of free Stream rather than the 1 it said on the website. Which is a bit of a bonus! Its a bit of janky process I found with the website etc. with details taking ages to update and constant “we’re experiencing technical difficulties” poping up all the time.

Seems to me as if Sky have just invented the Xbox Kinect!

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3 years late!

Oh wow, it’s doing things a Discord (other apps are available) video call can do, but you have the advantage that it makes the content smaller, it’s a win-win, plus you need their TV

I don’t forsee this selling well

TBF, I am looking for a new TV to go in a bedroom that currently doesn’t have a TV, which is the exact market Sky Glass is trying to fill

I think I’m still probably better served with a normal OLED TV


Video introduction: (4) Sky Live Explained | Everything You Need to Know - YouTube

The call feature uses Zoom, make of that what you will

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You’re going to have to explain what you meant by the insinuation of that.

I am sure all the issues with Zoom during the pandemic are now fixed and it is more secure, but my work used it in the height of the pandemic and I just didn’t like it, constant connection errors, bad video quality, etc

Just comes from a place of bad experience, which I am sure is not there today

Lots of people found it complex and cumbersome to use (at my work place anyway)

but, it won “the war” on team meeting platforms during the pandemic, so a lot of people must’ve preferred it

I hate zoom only marginally less than I hate teams. Worst outcome of the pandemic was online video calling platforms (for me anyway, others experience may/will vary)


So a couple of times I’ve had issues where I’ll be watching something and it will got I ad break. However, it then just get stuck constantly playing ads. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Yes, happened to me during an episode of succession. Only occurred once though.

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It’s happened a few times now. Had to hard reset the puck this time to get it to start actually playing the episode.

So, Sky are doing a Black Friday thing - and now an 18 month contract for Sky Stream is £19 a month including ‘basic’ Netflix which is getting closer to separate NowTV +Netflix subs if NowTV ever didn’t have an offer on (it’s definitely the ‘DFS’ of the TV streaming world - is anyone actually paying the ‘standard’ price of £9.99 for NowTV entertainment?).

Anyway, NowTV+Netflix Basic (without any offer) would be £14.99.

Actually - just remembered Discovery+ is included as well and I’m paying for that so I think the Sky package is actually the same price now as the individual streaming services combined.

I don’t actually want a Sky Stream puck though - what I actually want is to just setup Sky Go on my Apple TV - but for that I’d need to buy ‘Sky Whole Home’ at an extra £12 a month.

When I last tried Sky Stream last year they didn’t offer the ‘Whole Home’ option at all - you could only get that with Sky Q or Sky Glass. So, couple of questions:

  1. Does anyone here have Sky Stream and the Whole Home addon so they can confirm it works with Apple TV?
  2. Is it somehow ‘IP locked’ within a single home? Or could I setup Sky Go on Apple TV at my partner’s place as well?
  3. Anyone know if the quality on the Sky Go app is better or worse than Now TV? I think NowTV is up to HD but not 4k?

I’m pretty sure the Netflix you get with Sky isn’t the same as basic. It’s essentially standard but with one fewer screen from the way they describe.

So the £8 plan but in HD.

To answer your questions:

  1. no idea.
  2. Sky Go is not an IP locked service. In theory you could do that, but I don’t know if they treat devices like Apple TV and Xbox as more like an additional Sky Stream box, which is IP locked.
  3. Sky Go on Apple TV is SD only. 720p for sport. Been like that since it launched. Promised it would improve soon, but never did.

I share my skygo so it’s not locked. You just have a limited number of devices.

  1. Yes - But the Sky Go app only shows 1080p/720p nothing 4K sadly no idea if this is in the works been like this for years.

  2. As long as you log into the account you’re fine to use anywhere.

  3. If NowTV show 4K then yep a lot better

Anyone know if you can use an exit node on Tailscale to get round the ip lock on sky stream? Asking for a friend…

This will work, does with netflix as well but be aware all there traffic on that device routes through your setup. Up to you if you want to risk it

Makes sense. Cheers. For streaming device only though it is less bad than all internet traffic but take that point.

I’ve just compared the Sky Stream Black Friday deal with my current Sky Q deal and it’s only £2 cheaper with the advert-skipping add-on. I don’t think it’s even available for existing customers, anyway.