Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

It’s not designed to ‘log out’ every time. The app stays logged in and you open with fingerprint.


Yep as above, don’t use the log out function.
Just close the app or switch to another one. After a minute or so it will lock and require fingerprint to reopen.
Any moving of money or changing of account details will always require a PIN for security :+1:


Thanks - got it!!!


And welcome to the community. Get stuck in.

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Hi, basic question (I hope). Will Monzo accept an application from a business that has a recent conviction for fraud but otherwise a decent credit history?

Thanks in advance

My guess would be, no. But there is only one way to find out for sure.

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Somebody is trying to make a Forex payment from South Africa into a Monza UK account.
To do this, they need Monzo IBAN number. I ask this question on Instagram, but it seems like Monzo is not very active on their Instagram account. Trasferwise is not available in South Africa. I will be grateful is somebody can come back to me with the Monza IBAN number for Forex payments.

Monzo do not support IBAN. You could generate the number (Google how), but you would be using it at your own risk - it is unsupported.

You need to use a service which has an IBAN number. Monzo doesn’t.

That is disappointing news! Are Monzo looking at getting a IBAN number in the future? Room for improvement Monzo! For most Africa countries you need to do a Forex payment with a IBAN number when transferring money over country borders. I will see if Revolut will be able to help me.

This said, thanks to everybody that responded to my question.

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Nothing has been announced. Not long ago they partnered with to handle international transfers.

Hi, just joined.

My query is regarding the Monzo Business Pro service. Our business account is charged £5 per month which is not an issue. However, does this amount include VAT and, if so, where do I get the relevant VAT receipt please? Many thanks.

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You’re probably best off asking in app chat, search contact us in the help section if you don’t see the chat button.

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