Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

This is the best place and where things get announced/hinted at first.

There is no roadmap for the public, and I can’t divulge anything, but there is some exciting things coming (can’t say on timeframes) in the future :pray:t3:


The monzo of then was in a very different space to now. Any form of roadmap for 6 million users would have to be so high level for it to be of any use that it would be not much use than what we get on here.

I doubt monzo are any less agile (or Devops if that’s their thing?) than they were, just that it’s not possible to go to that level of detail when you get to this size.

I hope so, I still love Monzo but it’s going to be left behind fast by others at this rate. Plus and premium still [IMHO] don’t cut it and the app itself is becoming stale.

Looking forward to seeing what happens soon that is genuinely innovative and different.


Hi all,
I am trying to open an account but when I enter my postcode my address doesn’t appear in the select list. Can anyone help?


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Hey @JFaz94

Welcome to the Community!

You can find someone answers from past questions through the search option at the top of the Community :smiling_face:

Thanks @AlanDoe

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Im trying to link my card to Playstore and keep getting error code OR-CCSEH-22

Please help?

You’ll need to ask them what that error means.

Have you got the right country set?

Doesn’t seem a Monzo issue.

Found this.

Could also be an incorrect address reading other forums.

Worth double checking all the information on your google account to make sure it’s accurate.

thank you