Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)


I think I need to work on mine :see_no_evil:


(sarah beattie) #317

When are you introducing a password or finger print ID to the app??. I feel it needs to be more secure when using the new saving pots


(Richard) #318

Android user or iOS user?

(sarah beattie) #319

IOS user

(Andy) #320

You should be able to have fingerprint login for the app

If you go in to account - then the settings cog and then turn on require Touch ID to unlock app

(sarah beattie) #321

Brilliant, All done. Thank you

(Andy Thorpe) #322

Could you offer functionality to scrape funds into a pot on a set day? I move any left over cash I have into a savings pot on the day before payday and it would be great if I could have that automated either in the app or via IFTTT. Thanks.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #323

It’s not available currently but I’m sure it will be :soon:

There is no trigger for ‘on payday’ and there is no trigger for ‘balance’ so it wouldn’t know how much to move.

(Only available in amateur ) #325

In the UK it’s free with £400 daily limit

Abroad you have £200 free per 30 days and 3% above that

(Only available in amateur ) #327

Depends where you’re going really. If you can pay by card it’s the best option. £200 per week is not a cost Monzo could afford to absorb

(Only available in amateur ) #329

You could always open a Starling account just to use for free foreign ATM withdrawals. A few people do that

(Richard Bairwell) #331

I withdrew £30 cash on the 27th of May and only needed to get more yesterday (23rd August: so about £10 a month cash spend!) and that’s because I needed to get taxis (round here, there’s no Uber/Lyft and cabs here still don’t take cards - their ‘app’ does, but it doesn’t work…).

(Jess) #333

Hi there, can you tell me if Business Accounts (or at least the ability to have a second personal account to call Business) are being considered and when they might be available? I have gone full Monzo for personal and joint accounts but my personal account is virtually useless without being able to transfer across my business account which has all the cash in it! Starling already offer this but I do want to stick with Monzo so please give me some hope…?!

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #334

I don’t recall them ever mentioning a business account in their future plans unfortunately. No harm in requesting it though. I suppose you could just use your personal account and tag all your business transactions to keep them separate? I guess it depends what you need from a business account.

(Natasha hull) #335

Hi, do you have the ability to have 2 cards on one app. I would love to get my step daughter a Monzo now you can have them for 16 year olds but I want to be able to monitor her spending so I would want the app not her but I have my own Monzo card obviously :grinning:

(Liam) #336

I’m afraid not. :confused:

There was some chat about alternatives in this thread though.

(Colin Vogel) #337

If I can make payments abroad in Canadian dollars, can I pay a Canadian dollar cheque into my account?

(Liam) #338

I don’t think that just because you can make payments in other currencies that you will necessary be able to deposit foreign cheques.

That said, I don’t know! Other UK banks allow you to do so, albeit with varying levels of delays and fees.

Edit: looks like there’s a help article on this actually!



Hello everyone! So I’m probably being really dense, I’ve practiced long and hard to perfect my blank expression! :neutral_face:

I want to switch my current account to Monzo, so I downloaded the App and followed the instructions to set up an account with all my bank details to hand. However, although I did all the ID malarkey, I was not asked to provide any ‘switch’ details and was just informed that my card would soon be on its way. That’s great, but I won’t have any money in there to use the card. When and how do I switch? Have I signed up to the wrong thing? Or in the wrong way? Or should I just be patient and all will become clear when I log back in to say card received?

It also skipped past the fingerprint ID before I had chance to do it - will I be able to find that option again?

Are you sure there’s no such thing as a stupid question? :grimacing:

(Only available in amateur ) #340

When you activate your card your account is ready to go. You can transfer money in from another account, set up a standing order or in app you can start a switch

You can add fingerprint ID anytime in the app :+1: On iPhone it’s account tab> settings
There you can choose Touch ID to unlock the app or just if you want to move money out of the account