Simple is closing; All Hail Monzo 🙌 - What should I know?

That’s great, shame I don’t use Twitter and on Facebook they haven’t posted anything since July of 2019, so most likely not even checked. Hopefully there is another avenue of getting bumped up for Simple users.

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I’d try emailing Monzo, the address is:

Thanks for your kind words! I understand exactly what you mean about a pairing of juveniles, I was quite young when I got a card shortly after Monzo first launched in the U.K. and it has certainly grown since then (it was only a prepaid card originally in the U.K. beta phase).

You are right to point out that it’s currently only a beta in the US, of course, which is definitely something for potential customers to bear in mind. Really you should always carry a second backup card with any fintech that’s in beta.

Thanks, worth a shot!

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I wonder if @AlanDoe can invoke the US team? :eyes: :us_outlying_islands: :monzo_usa:


I know the covid crisis has slowed Monzo US a bit, but the Simple base is craving something. I am seeing Envel and One FInancial pushed heavily.

I do see Monzo closing the gap, and hopefully they do make a good deal of progress within the year because this thread is evident in that Simple folks are interested in Monzo.



Hi, all! I wanted to jump in and thank everyone for the support and the great conversations I’m seeing throughout this thread. As a few people have already noted, Monzo USA is still in beta phase so we may not have all the great features that Simple had yet, but we are up and running and welcoming anyone interested to sign up for our waitlist.

We may not be able to respond to each and every comment, but be assured that we are reading everything posted here and appreciate the feedback as it helps guide our product roadmap and helps us build the bank you want to use! Again, thank you for all the support and feedback!


More out of curiosity more than anything @stephanyhong is it a case of youre still continually giving people access from the waitlist or when do you see the waitlist being removed?

Its a long time ago but believe monzo uk removed the waitlist while still in beta. When do you think monzo us will be in a state to do similar?



Fellow Simple refugee here. I was always a big fan of the Safe-to-Spend and Expenses feature. I tracked pretty much every monthly expense and subscription through expenses, which meant that I never overspent because I avoided letting my Safe-to-Spend number go below zero. Simple was incredibly easy to use and the automatic transaction categorization was generally pretty good. Even if it got a transaction wrong, it was easy to make adjustments quickly.

Fortunately, I had a beta invite from Monzo from a few weeks ago and am waiting for my card in the mail. Pots, Salary Sorter, & Summary seem like will mostly replace my workflow, even if it requires a few more manual steps.

I did want to ask one question though. As a former employee of a now-defunct regional-bank backed neobank project and someone who is losing their primary bank, how committed Monzo is to launching a full product here in the US? Sometimes projects don’t work out and with the uncertainty of the past year I want to be sure that my next bank is will be around for a while. If anyone from Monzo is reading, can you speak how likely or unlikely it would be for Monzo to pull out of the US?



Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the question! As you pointed out, we currently have a waitlist and are continually unlocking people from the waitlist. We haven’t set a deadline to remove the waitlist yet, but it is something we are discussing. We want to be intentional in unlocking customers at the right pace to ensure we are providing the best customer service and customer experience as we continue to build out the US product.



n26 only offers 2 spaces? I have 20+ “spaces” in Simple.

That’s the downside. You can get more spaces with a premium account, but the max is 10. The interface for managing these is killer though.

It’s not really a replacement for the functionality you’re getting from Simple’s goals and expenses, which I presume is what you mean by spaces, it’s more of a manual take to envelope budgeting. So you’d combine a single space for all your expenses, or that’s how I used it at least.

Monzo’s Summary feature, I suspect will work better for you. It’s not as intuitive as Simple’s budgeting tools, but it works in a similar way for expenses. The left to spend value is a little iffy and not as forward looking as Simple’s safe to spend.