Simon's Life Updates

I was on the Discord for 15 hours yesterday lol and of course it does descend into chaos quite regularly when I dare to get some sleep :rofl: Much more calm today, especially since the OTA went out this morning! Battery issues are now totally resolved - some users reporting still well over 90% with 4 hours off charge.

Discord in general is a bit of a chaos engine. I’m working to set up a Discourse forum as soon as possible.

One cool benefit from that is that Discourse ranks highly on SEO. Perplexity on R1 uses Google as a high ranked source, which effectively will make our forum and the r1 a loop!

Anyway - I thank you all for your candor. It all helps. We know we have a long way to go as a company and we are hard at work every day. I didn’t intend this thread to only be about r1 or only about rabbit - the scrutiny and attention on us is scarily high, but we take each day as it comes.

This thread was really just a place for me to share my journey. You’ve all been with me every step of the way, from here to Sphere to Twitter and beyond. And it truly means a lot to me :hot_coral_heart:


This is what I needed to hear today. Thank you :purple_heart:


Well this thread was a wild ride. I still think this crap is the next Juicero.

Anyone want to buy a bridge?

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They did – the plastic shell is just the California tech bro way of justifying building something overengineered and expensive from scratch when a better way to sell/package it already exists. See also: Juicero.


The only aspect of the R1 that interests me is the Large Action Model, but the LAM barely features in the reviews because, I think, it’s barely up and running. The LAM, if it works property, could be incredibly powerful and valuable intellectual property.

But the rest of the R1? There’s nothing special. No one’s going to seriously use this extra form factor in addition to their smartwatches and smartphones, the hardware is pretty crappy, and the LLM - though it’s impressive - seems like nothing that ChatGPT can’t do.

We’re watching the biggest fads of AI in live time here, the phone is not going to be beaten by a less featureful device when there are apps that can already do everything it does…


It definitely works properly - the most clear way to see it in action is by using Midjourney on r1 and watching it happen in real time on Discord on another device.

It’s simply in it’s very early stages right now.

Why was this flagged? Some people can’t cope with an adult word or two?

Why would I want to do that when I can just use Midjourney on said device?

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Someone is being sensitive I guess.

I posted the Urban Dictionary definition of Flarse in the Jonas thread and that got flagged, it didn’t even have any adult language in it. :upside_down_face:


It was “hidden by staff” according to the automated message I got – as opposed to all the “hidden by community flags” messages I usually get.

Interesting twist, eh?


My flarse post was hidden by community. :joy:

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Interesting… I’m surprised the Jonas thread hasn’t disappeared in the same vein. For what it’s worth, I 100% agree with you. Man’s got to hustle and I don’t see anything wrong with calling it out.

I didn’t flag it, but I did see it. Perhaps I interpreted it differently to others, but I read it as an attack on Simon and this being ‘his’ thread as opposed to an attack on the product.

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I don’t see it as an attack on Simon. It just called out this thread – and especially the later engagement in it – for what it is.

If anyone else was doing it, it would be shut down fairly sharp-ish.

Like I said - maybe I interpreted it differently, and perhaps the staff who hid the comment thought the same.

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My discord invite link got flagged as well :joy:

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So it did. Now that’s weird.

Didn’t want us snooping I guess. :joy:

Rather annoying seeing as there wasn’t anything wrong with it :joy: