Show us your homescreen

(Emma Barrow) #103

Two screens - if it starts to get towards a third I get all hot and sweaty and have to stop what I’m doing to tidy them up :joy: Those of who with unread notifications into the double-figures make me extremely nervous!

Picking up my iPhoneX next week hopefully, which will mean a bit of a spring clean…


I’m gonna get in trouble but it’d be a lot of work to change the pic… (she doesn’t come here :wink: )

My approach is to have the stuff I want to see when I wake up on the front page. So the weather - am I going to walk to work or not, all my comms - email, messages etc, reminders - shopping lists and stuff, all there plus the wallet as I access it a lot for boarding passes.

On the bar I have things I want to look up from anywhere on my phone, so an app wants a password or a phone number or I want to put something in the calendar, single click out of the app, look it up on the info bar, back into the app to paste it.

Only real people get to trigger icon badges on the front page, anything that is a time sink is pushed to a deep page so I have to make an effort to go look for it.

(Tom ) #105

Assume jailbroken to allow icon layout?


nope, bog standard…

I won’t jailbreak a device I have finance stuff on

(Tom ) #107

Well this is sorcery!


Holy shit I need that in my life.


makeovr is good, but not that good :wink:


I just realised I have kind of posted it before:


@DaveTMG could have been easier to just change the wallpaper for a sec - this must have taken all day doing this abstract art thing. :smile:


just call me Picasso

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #113

Hold on hold on hold on… everyone knows I provide the Art Attack around here :rofl:

Profile pic for ref


I always thought mine was fairly minimalist. I now know I was wrong…

(Caspar) #115

Some of these screenshots are stressing me out. I would happily give up my lunch hour to come and organise peoples apps into folders and turn off the badge count setting for them all individually…


Curve, Monzo CA and Monzo Prepaid :slight_smile:

(Nick Perry) #118

The implication of this magic is that you can tap on bits of her anatomy and they briefly react by going dark.


Only had my Pixel 2 a few weeks so haven’t done much customisation with the homescreen yet. Currently keeping it very minimal… could probably show less apps to be honest!

(Lance Rumbolt) #121

How are you finding the Pixel? That’s what I’ve got, love the camera on it.


It’s probably the best phone I’ve ever had. LOVE the camera! Had an iPhone for the last couple of years, and the Pixel is like a breath of fresh air. Split screen mode :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

(Lance Rumbolt) #123

:blush: oh I hear ya. It’s such a great phone. Glad you’re enjoying it as well.

(James Murray-Ferris) #124

God damn it see you’re making me regretting getting my iPhone 8 because I nearly swapped so very nearly but I decided not to and now I want to again but I didn’t buy it outright :sob: