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(Nick Slade) #331

Thank you kind sir!

(Nick Slade) #332

(Simon) #333

How do you find nord vpn?

(Nick Slade) #334

It’s good, but not amazing. When it’s connected it’s quick and I barely noticed a difference in speed.

I tried keeping it on all of the time (because why not) but at least once a day it would just stop working. It would show I was connected but I couldn’t browse or load anything through the connection. I think it was the apps kill switch stopped my data when connection was briefly lost, but not reconnecting once I was back online.

I just use it when I need it now, but use which is amazing

(Simon) #335

Thanks I Might give it a try. I use also (agree it’s great) but sometimes I use a vpn so I can be in the uk.

(Nick Slade) #336

The UI of Nord VPN is a bit naff, but it’s one of the few VPNs that works with Netflix and streaming

(Richard Grey) #337

Love the wallpaper. Where did you get it from?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #338

It’s from and it’s free! You just type in your town, and select your device. There’s a few different colours to choose from.

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #339

What an amazing little tool!

(Kim W) #340

(Richard Grey) #341

That’s awesome. Thank you!

(Tom) #342



How nice is that new Apollo logo… I think it’ll be my icon for a while (it’s the first decent one they’ve custom made since launching Ultra IMO)…

(Tom) #344

Yeah, it’s awesome! The first one wasn’t bad, but the rest are pretty ropey.

(Tom) #345

I’m using Nord, and pretty happy with it. It’s active about 99% of the time, I don’t generally notice any slowdown. It doesn’t play nice with iPlayer, however.

Isn’t just Cloudflare’s DNS service? Or are they doing a VPN now too?

(Nick Slade) #346

It is just a DNS service. I’ve noticed it’s sped my connection up, although not by much.

It uses a VPN profile but isn’t a VPN. It offers more privacy than not using it, but not as much as using a proper VPN though

(Tom) #347

Ah ok, thanks. That was the impression I got when looking at the app.

I’ve already manually set my DNS to point at, so don’t think the app will gain me anything new!

(Colin Robinson) #348

Need 2 to see the rainbow effect :rainbow:

(Andy Freeburn) #349

Thats some serious colour matching skills! - but what if you have an app that isnt in the ‘rainbow’ spectrum?!

Also good to see another Dozens forum member on here @Dunsford!

(Colin Robinson) #350

Ah, the grey, white backgrounds are similarly arranged (with the new :green_apple: News)

Followed by the black backgrounds :wink: