Show how much I've spend over budget

Hello, I’ve had a look through the forums and haven’t found any topics related to this, but I had a few suggestions if I may.

Imo one of the best features of monzo if having a live, at first glance spending bar that:

  1. Shows my spend rate visually (green if I’m on track, yellow if not, red I’ve overspent)
  2. Shows the monthly progress in terms of spending, and in terms of current date
  3. Tells me what is left as a number, “£x left for y days”

These are awesome and have really helped with budgeting, and I have a few suggestions for overspending that I’d love to see in the app:

  1. If I’ve overspend, show a negative number, e.g: “£ -20 left for 3 days”
  2. Have an option to subtract the overspent money of this month for each spending category, in to the next month

Thanks team monzo, keep up the amazing work!

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Hi. Welcome.

It already does this doesn’t it?

Summary in it’s current form is going, so any changes to it are incredibly unlikely. Give Trends a go.


Set Trends up the way you want it, and it’ll give a good graphical representation of your spend burn-down per month.