Should Pots balances be counted for overdraft fee calculations?

Totally agree with this point, if someone feels Monzo are fee structure for overdrafts is not good then just don’t use/enable overdraft. Problem solved.


lol this was said 343 (???) posts ago :slight_smile: yep going round in ever decreasing circles :slight_smile:

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Sorry just couldn’t read the whole thread. Probably we will never agree which is fine but Monzo CEO has clearly answered this which should put this thread to bed.

Just update T&Cs to make it more obvious.


My last words on the subject:

I disagree that if my account is in credit that I should pay an overdraft fee.

Bye all. I hope to meet up with you on other threads :clap::+1:


is a pot a separate account?

Not yet, but they want to be able to be through the marketplace, and I think that’s the crux of the matter.

Reading between the lines of Tom’s response I get the feeling that he hand waived over a lot of issues, because fixing them would impact the ideas behind the marketplace. That is seen as the way Monzo becomes profitable, and so must be protected.

Good feedback, thank you. I will ask our team to review the T&Cs and the in-app copy to make sure it is absolutely clear.

With that said, I think it’s probably time to close this thread. It feels like we’re going around in circles.


We’ve posted an update in the new thread on this topic.

Sharing here for anyone that’s not following that:

So Monzo currently has approximately £1000 of my money in various pots, this month I made an error and was in overdraft by £30 for a couple of days so have been stung with a 50p charge, while this is not the end of the world and I appreciate it is probably written somewhere that only money in master account matter etc etc, I do feel this is unfair. Had all my pots been empty then I guess the charges would have been fair enough…


You should have had push notifications that you would be charged


Officia response and reasoning from @tom on this


Yes, if only this had been discussed at some point, you would have been forewarned.

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I got an email in mid September with the clarified terms and conditions. Everyone else get it?

No I don’t think I’ve ever had an email from Monzo other than magic links. Although I don’t have overdraft activated so could be why.

If it’s only one 50p fee that you’ve been charged then you’ve done alright as it should be 50p a day.

Well that’s not good :grimacing:

Says at the bottom I got the email because i signed up for or attended a community event (which I haven’t) but assumed it went to all customers who had an overdraft

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So what’s your point? Want to rake over the 50p per day charge again. Please, let’s not. If you want a cheaper borrowing facility, go find one.

Now. Being as you can’t be overdrawn below –£20 by accident, you must have manually accepted having an overdraft facility on your account at some point in the past. So you have asked Monzo to honour your “errors” (rather than bounce the transaction) so, really, you can’t be annoyed at the bank, surely? And you must have been fine with the charge or why ask for an overdraft facility? The bank has simply honoured your request, and charged what it said it would.

You can’t have it both ways.


That appears to be generic text, cos I got that e-mail (13/09) without attending any event.

The line in particular:

We’ve explained what we mean by your ‘balance’
Your ‘balance’ in these terms doesn’t include anything you’ve got in pots.


Haven’t we had this discussed to death already? I mean to forum death, literally, people left the community because of this apparent unfair fee from Monzo when your own money is sitting in a Pot.

This was also posted about the wording after Tom’s response;


I think it was fairly predictable that this would happen to someone eventually.