Should I get a credit card?


Which card?


Which AMEX? The unpaid option is mostly pointess for points…


Five reasons:

*Section 75 protection
*Credit score
*Car rentals (they often won’t accept debit cards)
*To get a Visa card (it’s good to carry both MasterCard and Visa in some countries)
*Unlimited fee free foreign ATM withdrawals (with a Halifax Clarity card)


Can I ask for some details please :slight_smile:

Which Amex card is that?
How much does it cost?
Which airline loyalty scheme to you get points with?
How much have you spent over the past three years to earn those fights (if you don’t mind me asking)?


Well sound likes I should get one but does anyone have one they recommend?

(Jack) #26

It entirely depends on your situation. I know Tandem bank do a credit card and they are a fintech so you could check them out?


I like the Halifax Clarity for the foreign ATM withdrawals.


Cash on a credit card? Do they not charge interest from the day you pull it?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #29

Yes. You can pay it off immediately to get the benefit of foreign ATM use and avoid interest, but these days a Starling debit card achieves the same result without the hassle.

(Lewis King) #31

BA Premium card, and then churning a Gold card every 6 months.
Ba Premium card is £195 a year, but you get a 2-4-1 avios redemption which I found worth it when I wasn’t single.
BA Executive Club.
I would say nothing over my normal spend, but you do have to hit £10k in a year for the BA card, easier with a partner. Not going to manage it this year.