Sharing our social media guidelines

Do you use a ‘views my own’ disclaimer?

Following the debate we had on this question in September, we put together some social media guidelines for everyone that works at Monzo. And we’re sharing them with you today!


These are a great read. And leaving aside the specific banking bits, a clear and useful reminder to anyone who uses the internet!

Keep up the good work. :hot_coral_heart:

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The guidelines are a good read, the Jon Ronson talk about Shaming is amazing. Thanks. R-

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Should you really be politicizing your company blog posts with anti-trump messages. I’m curious, is Monzo anti-trump or is Richard Cook anti-trump?

Hi Pixie!

I’ve just had a read of the part you’re referring to, and I think it’s perfectly factual to state that some people retweet Donald Trump without endorsing the message of what he’s saying. It’s no secret that there’s even people within his administration that have been exasperated at some tweets he’s made. It was a good example, because it’s relatable :grinning:

Regardless, here at Monzo, we’re committed to diversity within our employees! Usually, that means have a diverse mix of races, genders, ethnicities, sexualities and backgrounds, but it also means that we have a range of people with different political opinions.

On that basis, every employee at Monzo is perfectly free to be pro or anti any politician that they choose, and for any reason they wish :grinning:

Hope that clears everything up for you :grinning:


This is great! I definitely respect giving your employees a free uncensored voice within reason.

That Ted talk that is linked in the article is certainly worth watch… Its very interesting indeed

I watched the TED talk. It sounds like you’re suggesting that trial by social media is a fact of life and that your employees ought to censor themselves lest they fall victim to such injustice. What you should be saying, imho, is that you will protect your employees and not allow them to become another Justine Sacco. That you will fight against such injustice. And that you would defend them against such a baying social media mob.

The context in which you positioned this video as supportive of your policy is unfortunate and misguided.

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