Setting the record straight on our crowdfunding round


What’s the TL;DR here?

Jokes aside, many of our customers and previous investors have been waiting for us to announce another round of investing, and may have already decided they will invest. So we will shut up and take your money.


I’m so sorry that a faceless journalism corporation has made you feel the need to do that :disappointed:


That’s generous of you :smile:

In all seriousness, this is a public forum on the internet. Everything you write can and has been collected by someone. And “journalists” who have an agenda or are just not very good at their job will use what you say if it helps them to paint the picture that reflects their beliefs, regardless of facts.

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It’s fairly telling when pretty much nobody is agreeing with them online. Very few seem to be.

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the times are an embarrassment.


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I see they’re back at it today…

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Overdraft fee hike for millions of Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers

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What really really annoys me is how they are using quotes like “People should not be getting into debt to invest — doing so with an overdraft is hideous” to further their argument against Monzo. Monzo isn’t saying people should go out there and do it, or that it is the best or the right way to buy shares, but through being transparent they have included information in the prospectus to confirm that it is possible if people want or need to use their overdraft.

Most people would agree that using an overdraft to buy shares isn’t ideal and that you should think hard about investing if that is the only way that you can. Investment is about people making that decision for themselves - Monzo can’t do it for them. Nobody knows everyones individual circumstances.


Is The Times in anyway acknowledging this?

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Of course not.




Because their story says Monzo is saying something that Monzo has NOT said.


So? Lets be honest, they’re not in it for journalistic integrity. Apologising for an error isnt in their interest if they can make more money or benefit their interests doing the opposite.

(in my opinion) the times and a lot of other companies like them aren’t journalists.

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I’m not arguing one way or another about the piece in The Times but doesn’t the small print actually say that your overdraft can be used to fund the share purchase? Just wondering why that was included at all. Without that there would be no story.

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I’d guess that this was an attempt to prevent that question being asked after the prospectus was published.


I see it as clarification that you can use it to purchase shares if you so wish. Clarification needed because the sale of shares is restricted to being made from your Monzo account/balance.

I think it’s laughable to think that Monzo are in their evil lair hoping that people are going to use it to buy shares.


I think the fact that the VC’s etc wanted to buy all the shares but Monzo wanted to leave £20mil for us lot means that Monzo really don’t need to play silly games to get our cash - people seem to be happy to throw money their way (and in my opinion - why not!)

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I’m going to use my Nationwide overdraft just to teach Monzo a lesson.



Firstly DO NOT buy shares using debt.

Interestingly you can use your overdraft for anything you choose provided it’s legal. Banks do not get a say, and if a Bank ever did start policing your overdraft for legal activities then they would be accused of all sorts. The Times know this by the way, they are just picking and choosing what they include or exclude. They even misappropriated quotes to match their narrative to the dismay of the original commenters.

The Times are not interested in discussing issues with Crowdfunding platforms, if they were then they would also be reporting on how a certain platform lets you use credit cards to buy shares. This is one of many issues with equity crowdfunding platforms, but journalist’s have yet to report on the issues.

Out of interest how would Monzo block you using your overdraft?