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I am finding it really difficult to track my spending with monzo while there is only a monthly limit available - which resets at the beginning of the month

Will there be a feature available where we a) set weekly budgets and b) set the start date of the budgets to match pay day?

Hi Katie :wave:

Yes there will, Hugo gave us a preview of how this’ll look one the current accounts launch & it looks pretty great :heart_eyes:

Another +1 from me! Should be able to set the start of the month to a specific date. So in my case, paid on the 15th - I’d like my months and spending summaries to run from the 15th to the 14th of the next “month”.

Following on from Molly’s suggestion;

I don’t use the targets due to my payday being on the 21st meaning that I cant track my budgeting on a monthly basis based on my payday. It would be good to be able to set your month tracking based on your allocated start/ end date.

It would also be helpful to have more categories or the ability to create your own categories/ add pictures i.e. pets (I spend a lot on dog food/ fleaing etc).

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Hi Jessica, I’ve moved your post here as there’s a few other users who’ve requested different start dates for targets here & I’ve shared Hugo’s preview for the fix earlier (don’t worry, it’s not always easy to find these posts :slight_smile:)

As for this[quote=“JessicaMary, post:48, topic:1144”]
It would also be helpful to have more categories or the ability to create your own categories/ add pictures i.e. pets (I spend a lot on dog food/ fleaing etc).

Hugo’s explained why we don’t have the option to add custom categories here but watch this space, Monzo should be revealing something that will help to help you keep track of more specific types of spend soon…

I’m hopeful that one of the new categories will a Pets category too but we’ll have to wait & see.

My payday is the 21st as well :unamused:

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Hi there! I can see how it gets confusing when individuals define their months differently. However would it not be possible to let each user define their month in whichever way they prefer?
For example when im setting up a Standing order on my other bank account, I’m given to option as to pay either “every 4 weeks” or “every month”. It would be really great to see this level of customisation on the Monzo app!

Hey Monzo. Love the targets function. Would be great if I could change what a rolling month starts though, I get paid on the 20th so I’d like my monthly targets to align with that rather than a calendar month. Thoughts?

@RacheelJones @Zsaucede take a look the thread a few posts up & you’ll see that Monzo have designed the features you’ve requested, ready for the launch of the current accounts :tada:

I’m not saying Monzo shouldn’t redesign their targets feature with flexible and customisable periods, but I would like to ask what is the need in these periods lining up with paydays? I feel like I’m missing something.

You could potentially be paid in one lump sum annualy and budget weekly, to me it doesn’t matter when you get paid as long as you keep to your targets/budgets.

I know it is counterintuitive but, for anyone getting paid on the 25th or the second last Friday of the month, does it really matter wether the last few days fall within this month or the next? Isn’t throwing the dollars about, right after payday, defeating the purpose of setting yourself a budget?


I’d had the ideal of being able to change my target spending date to run accordingly with my payday at work.

I’d voiced this opinion during work hours as I knew several of my colleagues had monzo and we all agreed it would be a fantastic piece of functionality.

We all get paid on the 25th of each month, but our monzo’s resart at the beginning of each month, so for 5 days all of our budgets on monzo alert us for over spending, but we’re just having a weeks spending before the monzo resets.

I think a lot of people would have this problem and having the facility to set budgets to a custom date and to weekly/monthly would be a valuable addition to the user experience.

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It is, you cannot budget if you cannot set the times to when the money comes in.

Also, you cannot personalise categories, so budgeting and stats is way behind.

I have hopes in Monzo though, let’s see what happens

Commenting here as have been using Monzo “properly” for a short while now and given the monthly summary yesterday, which prompted me to think that calendar months are not very useful for my usage. Budgets are rarely calendar based.

Disappointed to see this thread is so old and nothing has been implemented, at least in the Android version anyway.

Again, if you look a few posts further up you’ll see that the feature’s been designed & will presumably be available when / soon after the current accounts launch :slight_smile:

Allow users to set their payday so that allowances run between these dates instead of just defaulting to the 1st of the month…?

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I have been playing around with my targets and just think that it would be good if you were able to change the dates of when your targets start and refresh. I feel this will help people manage their money better payday to payday rather than month to month.

Could you make it possible for users to change the dates that budget limits reset? Personally I’d like to match budget limits with my payday month, which is 20th - 19th, rather than have to have it by the calendar month.

Hi I’ve just joined the Monzo community and I very excited to be be a part of a new way of banking!!. I would like the option to select staring date Anyone else gets paid on the 16th? Or is it just me?

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Hi, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not just you, there’s been some discussion about this here before so I’ve moved your post over. The latest update is not too far from the bottom of the thread here & if we’ve missed anything, it would be great to hear your thoughts!

For the monthly spending targets it would be useful to be able to “change the dates” for the month so they align with people’s different paydays. Therefore you know how long you have left on each target before you get payed again.