Set Start of Month

(Steve Pike) #21

Just to add a second voice here to Fee’s here - in all my jobs I’ve been paid on a consistent date (or ± 1 day if it falls on a Sunday) so I would say while it’s true that some people don’t know the date they will get paid, others do! At the moment I get paid on the 20th and that’s when I ‘refill’ my card (as if I were being paid into it as an account) - so to be missing 1/3rd of the month in the spending report is annoying!

(Chris) #22

And another +1 from me - being able to set the start day for the month would be really handy!


surely the 23rd to 22nd or 24th to 23rd as 23rd to 23rd would result in one day being counted twice, once in each adjoining month

(Sonia ) #24

Currently my Monzo app calculates the spending from the 1st of every month, and it always throws me off by a week, and tells me off for spending over my target :< Maybe if you should be able to choose a date as the beginning of a countdown month?

Sorry if this already got posted, I scrolled down, but couldn’t see anything

(Alex Mayo) #25

Hey Sonia!

Yes this has been discussed quite a lot. You can find Monzo’s response in the below topic. They are looking to implement this soon (although that was in October 2016) so hopefully it will be rolled out in the upcoming updates.

(Starling Guru) #26

Yeah I need this as I get paid 21st

(Alex Mayo) #27

I used to get paid on the 13th. Pretty random! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Marta) #28

I get paid on last working day of the month. It means I can’t set any specific rule, unless Monzo will allow something that fancy… :smiley:

(Bob) #29

I get paid every 4th Wednesday, but my utility bills, mortgage, car and house insurance, council tax and a few other direct debits go out monthly, so like Marta I’m stuffed whatever rule is applied. My cushion is a generous authorised overdraft which only gets abused just before Christmas :gift:

(Elliott Burcham) #34

It would be good to be able to set your pay day in the app so that the month works from pay day to pay day, rather than from beginning of each month.

So from the 28th of April until the 28th of May.
Rather than from 1st of April to the 1st of May.
I think this would make budgeting easier to conceptualise.

(Bobby rathod) #35

I’d like to know what I spend between pay checks as oppose to each month. So I’ve been paid on the 28th April, topped my monza card up and spent a fair bit of cash that weekend. None of that spending is registered in may - so it’s very difficult to see were my spending has actually gone

Would be good to be able to manually move payments into a custom period!

(Alex Sherwood) #36

Hey Bobby, I’ve moved your post here as you’ll see more of the discussion & comments from the Monzo team about this feature earlier in the thread. Here’s the latest update -


This would be awesome for me. I get paid on the 25th and even though the days until I get paid next always change, the amount I get paid doesn’t so budgeting by calendar month is pretty much useless for me. I currently use Google sheets to set a budget but hoping Monzo will automate that for me :laughing:

(Buisson) #38

I spent a few minutes looking for this feature as it would be such a basic thing to have! I budget everything based on when I get paid, not based on the start of the month, so was pretty disappointed not being able to use the insights yet as that’s a feature I was really excited about.
Hopefully Monzo is working on it! Letting us choose a start date shouldn’t be this hard :wink:


Hi Monzo, This addition to the app would be amazing!! I love the card and it’s benefited me a lot but as per all the above contributions to this group, it would be absolutely worthwhile to be able to have a ‘reset’ button or something similar to select our payday as it’ll change each month (if the set pay date lands on a weekend). The above responses had mentioned it was being worked on in Oct 2016 - is this still the case?

(Jake Story) #40

If I could set my ‘month’ to run between the last Friday of the month to the last Friday of next month, it would make things a lot easier :upside_down_face:

Glad it’s not just me who has pondered this.

(Jack Simpson) #41

What would be good is if you could set the months spending target from when you get paid. For instance, if you got paid on the 20th of each month, the targets would reset the following month on the 20th!

(Jack Simpson) #42

What would be good is if you could set the months spending target from when you get paid. For instance, if you got paid on the 20th of each month, the targets would reset the following month on the 20th!

(Jake Burke) #43

As someone who’s not great at managing money, I have found the budgeting features extremely useful so far.

One thing that I would suggest as an improvement, if it’s not possible already, is to be able to choose your own budget periods rather than them being by calendar month.

I for example, get paid on the last working day of the month, which was the 28th last month. This meant that anything I spent that weekend came out of the April budget rather than May so I would like to set my budget periods accordingly.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

(Stephanie) #44

Hi there, just to say I would also find it really helpful to be able to set the start of the month as my pay day :pray:t4::sparkles: This is definitely the date that I currently use and is most useful for me to budget around! Finding it very confusing at the moment and off putting having these dates out of sync :wink: