Sending Money to US

I need to send a small amount of money to a Nephew in USA. Can’t get Paypal, Venmo etc. to do it. Can this be done? I’d rather not send dollar bills. R-

Tried Western Union?

Sure. Just go to Payments > International and set up the transfer.

There is a cost involved, but it’ll be set out before you complete the transfer.

An alternative is to use TransferWise directly.

I don’t know which, if any, is cheaper.

Edit. It’s Payments > pay by bank transfer > international. And to say that if you will be sending money again, it might be better to use TransferWise, as they keep the bank account details so you don’t need to keep inputting them. As far as I know, you’ll need to start from scratch every time with Monzo.

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Thanks all - he is 14 so does not have a bank account. It seems Venmo [which he does have] will not permit UK residents to have an account. I turns out that his Aunty [my Niece] has International Paypal - so after a very circuitous route he should get the cash… by about November. All sorted. Phew! R-