Selecting Multiple transactions and in general better transaction management

Let’s say you went abroad to Latvia. Monzo gave you a nice welcome message “Welcome to Latvia” then:

  • you were there for 5 days.
  • you did 49 transactions for various things [eating out, taxi, money transfers etc]
  • You came back and Monzo announced "Your trip to Latvia, you spent £500

Now if you check your summary under “Holidays tab”, you only spent £35 out of those £500 or 5 out of 49 transactions

At the moment it would take number of clicks to do the task of adding the missing transactions to the "Holidays tab"

  1. Open transaction
  2. Click on categories
  3. Select “Holidays”
  4. Press back button to see the next transaction.
    4*49 would be 196 clicks to finish this task which would be annoying to say the least.

It would be nice if you could multi select those 49 transactions and do various things with them like:

  • add them to holiday tab.
  • deduct them from a pot
    Or do the reverse ^
  • split them with your partner in crime
  • request money for all of them or part of them from a non Monzo account.

Also a feature like this would work great with the built in search feature because at the moment I can search for “Latvia” or search for vendor names, but I cannot select all the transactions that show up from the search.

Other things would be nice as well like: