Security of Top Ups - Android

(Greg Glue) #1

When you topup you should have to input your CVs code of debit card , otherwise loose your phone unlocked you’re in trouble unless you’re quick !! Or is too obvious

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This ‘issue’ has already been discussed here -

& Terry’s response basically sums up my thoughts on this -

for someone topping up your card to be a real problem, they’d also need your card so that they could spend the money or they’d have to know that topping up your Monzo card would cause issues for you & really not like you because there’s no financial incentive for them to do so.

The possibility of either happening seems so remote that the extra friction just doesn’t seem worth it.

If you’re an Android user & you let your child play with the app / regularly give it to someone else while it’s unlocked, you can use an app like Norton app lock to protect it.

And remember that you won’t be liable for any fraudulent transactions, if your card is stolen, see


yep. this is a great app…and one of those I use on my phone

App, Security and Privacy (Fingerprint, Pin, or Password)
(Leon) #4

I am asked for my Verified by Visa password every time I top up, so unless the person knows my password I have nothing to worry about. If they do then a person topping up my Monzo card is the least of my worries!


Mine did exactly that… Added a few 100 quid and it went to verified by visa (also good job I know my sort code for that account !!)…

(Greg Glue) #6

No CVs code is being asked for when topping up which is a bit worrying sort of ???
any thoughts

(Alex Sherwood) #7

If you log into the community, you’ll see that we’ve already replied to your question :slight_smile:


There is currently no security to open the app (password, pin, biometric). My top up debit card is loaded into the app. What happens if i get my card and phone stolen together. The thief can top-up from my other bank account (£3750) per day? How can I avoid this?

(Alex Sherwood) #9

Hi Ken, I’ve moved your topic here, as hopefully you’ll find the earlier comments about this feedback useful. If we’ve missed anything, it’d be great to hear your thoughts :raised_hands: