Security Access for the Monzo App

(Spanner Spencer) #1

Adding a PIN code or fingerprint authorisation to open the app on the phone seems pretty important, given that it offers instant access to the account settings and money within the account. I’ve added it using a third-party app, but it’d be nice to have this security feature built into the Monzo app itself


Totally agree on the need for Monzo to include this so you don’t rely in third party software to protect your data, but be prepared for a stream of people objecting against this idea as we have seen this idea trampled on every time it is raised.


It’s in the works, some evidence of that can be found here on the roadmap:

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As Kumnaa has mentioned, this feature is on the way :tada:

In the meantime, it’s been discussed extensively here :point_down: but if we’ve missed anything, please let us know :slightly_smiling_face: