Scrollable tabs and hiding bottom task bar on scroll up/down

(Anthony) #1

Simple really. Have it within the app where you can scroll left/right for tabs and have the bottom bar hide when scrolling up/down.

I’ve never been a fan of the bottom bar in any app in general but having it automatically hide when scrolling goes a long way in making it more bearable.

(Craig A Rodway) #2

Please don’t do this, I hate scrolling sideways to change screens. The detection/resistance never seems right, and always seem to end up going to a side screen when I just want to scroll up or down.

Instagram is the worst for this, especially when viewing posts of multiple photos.

(#savetheseabass) #3

Took me a while to find it but the swipe is being kept for future feed item functions. The post was replying to swipe for balance requests. This was almost a year ago though


Just ditch the bottom bar for a hamburger menu!

(Rich) #5

no no no :sweat_smile:

(Anthony) #6

That problem you have is a mix of poor implementation and an apparent inability to properly swipe left or right in a straight line :sweat_smile:

Joke aside being able to swipe through tabs is a brilliant use of gestures and is far too often these days overlooked by devs and if done right can get rid of the bottom bar altogether. 2 birds 1 stone, man.

(Craig A Rodway) #7

The situation when it happens most of often is when using the phone with one hand, and a thumb to do the scrolling. The natural forms a sort of arc rather than a straight line.

Removing the bottom nav also means you have to potentially scroll through several screens just to get to where you want; rather than just hitting the icon in the nav which is quicker & easier. And less error prone :slight_smile:


With a hamburger menu you will have many more menu options than you ever get icons on a bottom menu bar, so can go direct to more things rather than to one screen and then have to go to another screen from there

(Craig A Rodway) #9

100% with you here. I’d much prefer a hamburger menu, but I’ve given up on that idea with Monzo :confused: Starling’s is lovely :slight_smile:

The best I can hope for is to keep what’s there now. :pray: :slight_smile: