Remove bottom icons

(Aran) #1

I find that I only ever use the bottom three icons (Feed, Send Money and Chat) on very rare occasions and think the space could be better utilised. I’ve only ever sent money twice and both times were just to test the feature out with friends.

The Chat button is more useful but again I only ever finding myself use this button once every so often.

As for the Feed button I don’t think I’ve ever used this as returning from the Chat window or the Send Money window brings you back into the Feed anyways. It seems the all back buttons (Top Left) eventually bring you back to the Feed.

It seems like a waste of space and could be better used to show transactions, or more contextual information around spending for the day.

(lee) #2

Agree currently don’t find them useful - the pay a contact one especially. But when they are a bank they could repurpose for direct debits etc

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

Don’t worry about the TabBar, we’re updating it :soon:

Keep in mind that part of the purposes of the beta is to create the structure that will allow us to build a full bank app. The TabBar (even though right now is underused) is one of the structural elements :slight_smile:

(Aran) #4

Yeah it’s definitely underused and always seems a bit useless where it is.

(James Billingham) #5

Once the profile section is added, it should feel a bit better and also possibly might start acting like a tab bar now… :wink: