Scheduled Payments Sort by date due

On the scheduled payments list it is currently split SOs and DDs alphabetically. Is there a way to sort by date due instead?

If you use a bills pot they get sorted by date and the ones that are still due get separated out too.

Hi I don’t use a bills pot, just normal.

Then there is no other way I’m afraid.

Mine have always been sorted by date due and I don’t have a bills pot.

The Android experience (Joint Account):

Payments Tab → SCHEDULED:

Top section (Scheduled payments & standing orders) = Alphabetical
Bottom section (Subscriptions & Direct Debits) = Alphabetical

Bills pot → Manage:

Top section (which represents ‘Scheduled payments & standing orders’) = Chronological
Then following this, but without any indication of the start of different entry types (Subscriptions & D/D’s), all other entries = Alphabetical

It’s very messy. They all need to be in Chronological order in both the Scheduled payments tab and the Bills pot. And where transactions have the same date, group them alphabetically.

Here’s a visual of the Bills pot and how it shows both Chronological (top) and Alphabetical (bottom) with an imagined separation line:


Agreed or at least have an option to sort them that way. Thanks for replying.

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iOS displays scheduled transactions in payment date order

Bill pots will change your life!

(Okay they won’t really, but I think they are wonderful, helpful and would help you get around this issue)

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Yeah Android behaves differently regardless 🤦

One day it might get sorted but it’s been a long time coming so far.

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Ah that may be why, yes I’m android.