Scheduled Payments - EPD

(Thomas Attwood) #1

So the scheduled payments section is very helpful. What would be more helpful with it is if you can see an estimated payment date (EPD) for direct debits on that screen. The manual payments show dates but direct debits don’t. It is a useful glance summary. So an EPD for the direct debits would be great.

(Richard Cook) #2

Hi Thomas!

We’d definitely be interested in doing this sometime. Direct Debits are a bit trickier for working out the exact date, but we’re thinking about it :+1:

For more info, check out our plans for Redesigning Spending


Thinking ahead to when you have other currency accounts or accounts in the Eurozone, SDD or SEPA Direct Debits have different infrastructure to DD or BACS Direct Debits.

It is my recollection that they have 3 different variants, CORE, COR1, and B2B, and I think advance notification period is different between COR1 and CORE.

Rather than have to reinvent the wheel, perhaps you can come up with a method that can be applied to SDD as well as regular UK DDs?