Scheduled Interest Bearing Pot Withdrawals Duplicate/Persist

When withdrawing from an interest bearing pot the withdrawal shows twice for about 24 hours. (Joint Account, Joint Pot)

Details to reproduce:
Setup a regular pot withdrawal from any interest bearing pot e.g. Monthly 28th
Observe feed
On the 28th (a working day) you will see the withdrawal both tomorrow and today - both greyed


Google Pixel 2

App Version:
3.34.0 - and been the same for at least 6 months


At 07:30h and 13:15h on 28th:

Thanks for posting this! :pray:

This is a bug we know of and want to fix :bug::hammer:

Seems that the scheduled payment is attempted ‘today’ but the Savings Pot withdrawal doesn’t ‘complete’ for 1 working day, meaning the scheduled withdrawal stays ‘open’ until the actual withdrawal completes :sweat_smile:

Sadly, I don’t know exactly when this’ll be fixed but it’s on our radar, definitely want to avoid any confusion it may cause!

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Thank you for the reply! The first I’ve ever received for my bug reports! :sunglasses:

Today (29th) the entry still shows grey only in ‘today’ and I expect this to go ‘black’ before 16:00. I think this is expected as it was an interest bearing pot.

To add: I gave up with ‘left to spend’ some time ago as it doesn’t seem to recognise any scheduled pot withdrawals as ‘income’ at all. All my bills go into interest pots at the start of the month and come out like this BMW transaction as the DD fall due…I’m sure this double entry influences this too…If we can fix my perpetual ‘left to spend ZERO’ I’d be very pleased. The scarcity of people complaining about this leads me to believe that this may only relate to Joint Interest Pots/Joint Accounts/Scheduled withdrawals…

Stay safe!

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Glad to see this is here, recently set up some scheduled withdrawals from my interest pots on a weekly and monthly basis and found this issue persistent on Android. Sąd to see one year later and not fixed!