Saving Motivation


I use the round up pot but have set up a monthly payment of £10 into this to really help bulk it up. If you can afford maybe make it 20 or 30. I started when the round up feature came out for joint pots (so around early Dec maybe) and its sitting over £80 so far.

Also if I get to the end of the month pop any remaining over a couple of pots. E.g. £100 let over at the end of Month, maybe put £80 into savings and £20 into the round up

(Aine) #22

I am currently doing the 365 challenge and have it set up to go in automatically with IFTTT - I have it locked until the end of the year. I also have £1.10 (it was £1 but each month i am going to up it by 10p) going into one of my regular round-up pots. I have £200 in pots at the minute with my new Pot around a tenner. I aim my Pots for £50 as it seems quicker to reach than £100 or so and makes it feel like you’re saving more.

I also use Plum - I don’t see the money leave which is handy. I noticed that when I know some money is going into Plum I will maybe not buy a coffee or so that day? Means that you’re saving that but extra.