Marcus reduces interest rate (again)

Just got an email from Marcus today, rate is dropping to 1.2% relieved the didn’t drop to sub 1% (0.5% would be 10x base rate lol). Wonder if there are better rates still out there, will look later

I doubt you’ll find anything better for instant access accounts. There was Aldermore at 1.25%, but it’s not available any more.

Oi! @nexusmaniac! Put your interest rates back up.

(Sorry, wrong one :innocent:)


insert witty retort :joy:


well i got a email from ford savings state my rate will go down as well from 1.35 to 1.25 in june

Thank you to whoever it was told us to redo the bonus rate :clap::clap:

Its the saving grace at the moment meaning i still get 1.35% after this drop

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Yeah same. I’m on 1.35% until June.

Was just about to open an account with them to gain 0.1% on my existing instant access account, glad I saw this and saved the time :joy:

That Monzo Plus 1.5% is looking nicer than ever right now…

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Got my 1.20% notice email today. Two days behind some.

Will be on 1.30% until October still, thanks to a 0.10% bonus.

Wouldn’t bother chasing other accounts for the odd 0.10% anyway. Not worth my while.

My wife’s coop savings account got reduced to 0.1%! It wasn’t particularly high to start with but at that rate makes saving not worth the effort, so she’s going to close it as soon as lockdown is over.

0.1 is better than 0 but yes is pennies even over a year

God forbid you try to factor in inflation

So basically, it is slightly better than a regular Monzo pot :man_shrugging:

Just opened Marcus around as my charter pot is being cut to 0.56%

Seems pretty good, only has a tenner until my savings post closure withdrawal is processed in the morning


You have another four weeks before the cut.

It’s 0.05% more so I’m not going to be out by doing it early

It’s so I don’t forget

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I know that feeling!!!


Going down more

underlying interest rate from 30 May
1.05% AER* / 1.04% gross (variable)

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Still, it wasn’t unexpected. Looks like I’ll be doing a bit of research at the end of the month, but dont’ think I’ll be moving elsewhere because all ships are sinking in a high tide anyway, and the ‘Easy Access’ part of the account will probably still be more important to me than a fraction of a percent extra interest elsewhere.


Right time to move again

I think it’s still a very good rate so probs not