🇸🇦 Monzo in Saudi Arabia

Hello Monzonauts,

Anyone had used Monzo in Saudi Arabia before, or looking forward to do so? How’s it going?


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UPDATE: A friend of mine went to Saudi Arabia last month and managed to use Monzo there without problems. Not aware whether there are more cash-only stores than stores accepting cards or otherwise.

Hello from Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia: Even though you’ve probably already came :smile: I wanna say that most stores here accept cards


UPDATE :laughing:: On Sunday 14/07/2019 the government is starting a program to gradually require shops to support e-payments, and by 25/08/2020 it will be required for ALL shops in ANY commercial activity to do so.


So if I’m taking cash out from the atm I will be given saudi Riyal right, How will I know how much British pounds it will be ?

It will tell you in app in GBP with Riyals underneath , you will have to do a bit of mental arithmetic as you will request 500 Riyals at the ATM, which will then be converted in app to actual GBP with the requested Riyal amount underneath, it won’t be completely accurate ( couple of pence out ) , but near enough until a couple of days later when it has settled through the system - see screenshot with swiss francs below GBP amount

I’m going there on holiday and I’m not sure whether to take cash or use my Monzo account , because with the Atm I’m guessing you can only take limited cash out per day ? I’m probably gona use like 2500 pounds

from this thread the Monzo card seems to be accepted in most places , so paying at POS shouldn’t be a problem , cash limits are here £400 daily ATM limit - after the £200 ATM limit over 30 days you will be charged 3% , but it would seem that you won’t use much cash normally :man_shrugging:

Well, during my pilgrimage tour (of Umrah) I used Monzo and Apple Pay (with monzo card only) with ease.

Where ever there is contactless payment (read bin dawood) I easily used Apple Pay as like I was paying in UK. and few times I needed to use card and never had any problem with pin and chip card. Not a single failure.

The only place it failed where there was no POS (card payment option)!

Monzo didn’t fail a single place plus Apple Pay with Monzo didn’t cause any trouble.

No first hand experience in ATM use as it wasn’t necessary for me to use during my one week travel.
I used it in markets nearby Madinah (Prophet’s Mosque), Madinah airport, Nearby markets of Al Masjid Al Haram of Mecca and Jedda airport.

Another pleasent experience with Monzo! :+1:t4::v:t4::grinning: