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What type of savings are you closing? I could close my instant and regular savers instantly the only ones that took extra were ISA’s as they had a different team to speak to. It was still instant though.

An instant access saver. I was told to speak to Sandi and it told me that it would take 5 days

Ive closed multiple Santander savings accounts and I don’t think any of them took 5 days to close.

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It took two days even though Sandy Cheeks said it would take 5.

My point still stands, why can’t I just have a “close account” button like with many other (even legacy) banks?

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I agree though it doesn’t make a difference to me either way if I’m closing an account. It’s not an immediate need function so just go about your life.

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I need to upload ID to show card details…

You definitely don’t each time. I never have.

Never had to myself. My friend had to but only needed to once.

Latest Pilot update out on iOS, much faster than any previous ones, must be near launch

Any notifications yet?

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It’s a pretty big update

I’ll test notifications

Edit: Manage notifications’ in the app settings still says “coming soon”


Just opened an easy access saver with Yorkshire Building Society for when the rate of the Santander limited edition saver drops on Monday. Interest rate is 4.8% so not too bad and was easy to open.

Also opened a Zopa account as I had a friend referral with some free money. Will probably keep it open incase rates of YBS change.

Yup, I’ll be moving to Marcus on Monday. 4.75%. I have 4.9% on Tandem but find their app a bit off a mess.

5.2% was good while it lasted.

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Why not chip at 4.84% and interest paid monthly?

Or family building society tracker at 4.86 on the ISA or 4.81 otherwise? No app but online access.

Did you miss the 5.08 on Zopa?

So many accounts everywhere. I went for a local building society once and they were a pain to deal with. I have Marcus, it’s convenient, the others are a faff for a .1 of a %

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You could spend ages changing your money round trying to chase the better rate. As long as the rate I have is good and I can deposit/withdraw without anything going wrong, Im happy.

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I used to spend ages shopping around for cheap petrol until I worked out it was saving me £2 a month. If I’d used more petrol it might have been worthwhile.

Same with getting an extra 0.1%. If you have enough money it might be worth the effort, but if you have that much money, is it worth it for a bit more?


Ah, but there’s an app for the petrol which does the shopping around for you now. That can be very worthwhile depending on where you live as there’s often 10p/litre difference.

For the savings, I’m generally fairly lazy. Definite preference for something simple that works. I’ve moved most savings to Zola’s ISA since being flexible, I can use It as a normal savings account taking money out and putting it back in just with no tax issues.