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Main Branch on Briggate is start of October… Oh F :smiley:

I’ll just do a walk-in and hope for the best

Bloody ridiculous. Should’ve kept my money in Tandem, not sure the £20 is worth the potential grief. It’s in there now so it’s staying put.


I’ve had zero bother with it, but then I’ve had an account with Santader since they were Abbey National, and still got a current account that must be pushing 30 years old now. (123 Lite is awesome for cashback on some bills.)

So mine was live and I had access to it within a couple of minutes, and they’re used to 4-digit sums transferring in and out to my other accounts.


I’ve had a student account with them for a few years and, like you, absolutely no bother and the savings account was up and running quickly. Never had any issues transfering hundreds or even more than a thousand between accounts and different banks.

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I had an experience like this with them about 15 years ago but, on this occasion, it’s all been very smooth.

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The timing is naff, but they must complete that process, if you cannot be IDed over the telephony channels. Branch services are generally shite, guess that’s why Monzo & Starling exist, you won’t ever be in that scenario with them - just a case of working out if it’s worth a slightly lower rate, for less potential pain & friction.

Money Saving Expert sent out a push notification saying the 5.2% rate will become unavailable for new customers at 11:59pm tonight.

I’ve clicked the notification now so I can’t screenshot it and I also can’t find anywhere supporting that statement yet. So yeah, it might be ending early tonight.


This is very handy to have! Currently only a “specialist” team can do this at Monzo. We need this!

What are your thoughts @TomMills & @AlanDoe


Mine was set to £2,000 which must be the default for new accounts.

Mine was 5K by default, iirc

Is this a fairly recent thing? This is the second instant access savings account I’ve had with them and I had no problem transferring £10,000 out of my eSaver last year in one transaction, despite being new to Santander.

Fairly recent. A couple of months ago I think.

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Oh, I had a right Pelava with that, so I put money in the wrong account, tried to transfer it out… blocked for fraud, had to visit the branch twice, BUT all sorted now

Palaver? :thinking:


Hassle :smiley:

Yes, that. they couldn’t do the fraud check on the phone because I had no current account with them and no debit card, apparently the Santander easy saver gets you a debit card

Went in Branch on Monday, super busy, sat there for 30 minutes, then by the time I got dragged into the office, I had to go back to work, went in on Thursday and waited about 10 mins, got dragged into the office, they scanned my ID, called fraud (took about 10 minutes to get through) then had a 5 minute interrogation with the fraud team answering questions and listening to a spiel about scams and how you should say no if someone asked you to do this

I don’t blame them at all… it’s all for Security at the end of the day

Santander UK has increased the interest rate offered on two of its savings accounts.

The changes apply to its one-year and two-year fixed rate ISAs.

Santander’s one-year fixed rate ISA now pays 5.60 per cent AER tax-free, fixed until October 1, 2024.

The bank’s two-year fixed rate ISA now pays 5.45 per cent AER tax-free. This is fixed until October 1, 2025.

Santander UK bank branch

Santander UK bank branch© GB News

Santander is also offering a £50 e-voucher to customers switching in an ISA with at least £10,000 in value from another provider.

Customers can open a fixed rate ISA online or in-branch.

They must be a UK resident aged 16 or older.

I opened their 18-month one in April at 4.25% :person_shrugging:

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Registered account, logged in fine last night. Now my account is locked and have to wait for a letter in the post to resent the security number I already have.

Hope other companies beat the rate soon, hate legacy banks. I remember when I briefly worked for one and said if I have to speak to a person on the phone or go in a branch, they have failed me - the look of horror.

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I had an issue with a security lockout - had to visit a branch to get it fixed, 2 branch visits