Santander account changes

It seems they’ve reduced all the features people liked

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Was about to post the same. Searched first and found your post :grin:

I found out about mine from MSE, not Santander!

Thankfully, I only have a 123 Lite account, for household bills cashback and the 2.5% regular saver, so does not affect me.

My cashback of £4.92 (against a monthly fee of a pound) is unaffected, so makes this household bills account still worthwhile.

I earned £7.09 cashback last month, but with the interest rate drop it’s not really worth keeping much of a balance in the account, may as well move most of it to Marcus until that rate runs out then decide what to do next.

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I transfer enough from my Monzo account to cover direct debits and saver standing order. Don’t hold a balance in there as such a 0%

Just found out about this.

Bit of a bummer as the cashback was a boon, but definitely still worth the quid a month just to get an extra fiver off my mortgage payments.