Samsung Pay Card

Just saw the news that Samsung has launched their version of the “Apple Card” and they decided to start in the UK. It looks like the card is powered by Curve, but it is purely NFC based, no physical card will be issued.

On their website, it looks like the card is only compatible with Samsung devices.

For reasons that are not entirely clear, existing Curve customers are ineligible to apply for Samsung Pay Card.


Really interesting product, particularly for the U.K. landscape. Be curious to see how they compare going forward, how banks may respond, and if this means we’ll see other tech giants delve deeper into fintech and eventually launch products here.

Exciting times!

Edit: looking through the Samsung website, it feels more like an Apple Cash alternative rather than Apple Card.

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Also worth noting the 1% cashback is only at 3 retailers for the first 12 months.

Can’t even test it out as I’ve already got a curve card. Would be good to understand why.

I imagine the product is essentially just a rebranded curve account, without all the consolidation features. Would be nice to have an official answer though.

What he said :point_down:


I’d imagine that it’s because a Samsung Curve account and a Curve account are exactly the same account, with the former being a Curve account with an added flag similar to “Signed up through Samsung=1”

(Presumably at the point in the future when Samsung decide they no longer wish to work with Curve, the flag will get reversed and every Samsung Curve user can quickly be converted to a bog standard Curve user.)


Or they just acquire Curve and every Curve card will be a Samsung Pay Card :joy:

I can see that being a potential outcome if this goes well for Samsung. If not they can just shut it down and the Samsung Pay Card customers will be transitioned into Curve customers.

Well that would be the first explicable moment for Curve’s finances

Strange i’ve already got curve card let me join no problem

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Am I missing something?

It’s just curve card, without physical card, on Samsung devices only, and one still must connect something to it.

So instead of getting banks to support Samsung Pay natively, one has to front it with a curve card.

It does seem that Santander might be the best bank in the UK afterall. It supports all the Pay options: Apple, Google, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin. Would be cute if they did Ali & We pay too.



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