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Great no worries that’s fine!

Maybe I’m not sure, but I would like Monzo to set a Committed Spending pot so it does ring-fence the money seeing as it would help a lot of people from ending up in serious financial trouble with their bills etc.

Cheers Rob :grin:

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I would love this too! I definitely think they’re working on it though. Maybe check the forum post I linked above and see if Monzo have responded.


Definitely! I’ll keep an eye on it. It seems like people keep creating similar topics on the feedback and ideas side of the forum all the time so I’m sure Monzo can see the demand for it and, hopefully, implement it as soon as possible :thinking::grin:

I’ve updated my article too so it’s not misleading. Thanks again for your feedback and taking the time to clear this up for me too :+1:

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No problem :blush: it’s what this forum is for :+1:

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That £20 unarranged fee free is only for offline payments like transport for London, its not available for normal transactions

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Ah cool I didn’t know that :slight_smile:

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