Salary Payment Schedule

The Salary Payment schedule is useless because not everyone has one single and regular payment made in a month - Neither is it of any use if you can’t add regular 2 weekly (fortnight) payments. Which then basically cancels out the use of any of the budgeting facilities which make this banking app the great thing that it is about.

It is a huge gripe I have with an otherwise excellent system. This is the future of banking, but it has to deliver these things in order to make it exactly what people are wanting/needing.

It is at the time of writing, a very big disappointment of Monzo and a very important issue.

Agreed, salary & payday should be fully customisable - I.e “when is your next payday?”

Yes it should, and you should be able to add additional recurring salary payments in given time because some people have more than one employer and payment schedule, plus you should be able to add an every 2 weeks schedule.

Without this, the budgeting facility is inaccurate and pointless.