Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chat

Just had to visit my local branch , after Cora not being helpful and the live agents not being live.

Can’t remember walking in and asking for a long wait, but that’s what I got. Not even a hello. There was a big queue, 1 person serving people with a good few staff walking about dilly dallying by the looks of it.
Got to the desk still no hello just a push your card in , did what I needed them to do and not even a goodbye :smiley: I should have just moved away from RBS after one of their mobile bank vans pulled out and brake checked myself, wife and my few months old daughter on a roundabout then hurled abuse at us. :rofl:

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You know what to do… :eyes:

Join me and CASS to Monzo!

haha I can’t, Foolishly closed my account a few weeks ago. Will see what the situation will be after 30 days.

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I’m curious what is it that needed a branch visit that couldn’t be done online :eyes:

Looks like RBS will be getting the travel account like Natwest has recently added

One thing I’ve noticed thats a bit rubbish for those who just got a new Visa card

Mastercard debit card holders only


Something to do with child saving account, something to do with the RBS coin machines and also something to do with old £1 coins in relation to the coin machines. :joy:

I had a look in my RBS App and can’t see anything and then saw this on the website so wonder if it’s a gradual rollout or what criteria they might be applying to who can have one? Would have been good to try it out as off on holiday soon.

I assume i cant see it in app as a have a Visa debit card. Do you have a Mastercard or Visa? Bit annoying really considering we had no say as to which cars we got.

I’ve got a Child & Co and Drummonds Debit Mastercard

No idea then. The website doesnt realpy mention much to do with eligibility unfortunately

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I can’t see it in my RBS app but can in NatWest (which I don’t use). I’ll assume it’s a case of NatWest only for now.

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Its in the Ulster app now


I was walking around the Uni of York and noticed this…

That grass needs cut.


“no mow May”


I blame Alison Rose. It’s a shame RBS haven’t heard of all the Mastercard cycles, never mind national cycles :wink:

Mastercard cycles?

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Early prototype for the NatWest debit card design