FirstDirect and HSBC drop to 1% Regular Savers

As widely predicted and expected, it has now happened.

Still a Fixed Rate, but hey :man_shrugging:

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Yeah this is depressing for savers.

So it’s a max of £19.50 with £300 * 12 or £16.25 with £250 * 12.


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Almost not worth doing :frowning:

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Well you could save £300 each month and by December a free Christmas pizza! Well almost.


I had a leaflet through the door yesterday, and it quotes £19.49 (so just within the reward :rofl:)

Why the discrepancy though, I wonder.

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Not even a Costa a month

Other coffee establishments are also available

Makes my two current accounts redundant post Jan and Apr next year, respectively.

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The only remaining incentive for me to stick with HSBC is mobile cheque deposit (I use a different high street bank when I need to deposit cash).

If Monzo offered mobile cheque deposit I’d CASS my HSBC account to Monzo immediately!

I still would not CASS it.

No incentive to.

Back-up accounts may be useful.

Incentive is to Monzo, assuming they want more people to CASS to them.

I have several high street bank accounts so don’t need them all as backups.

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