Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chat

Did you upgrade it, or are you just assuming that it has been from the cheque book?

How do you tell if it’s premier?

They have upgraded to RBS premier

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Yeah as per @ndrw upgraded the account to Premier Reward Black

If you’ve been upgraded to premier you can tell by the mobile app icon


I’ve tried searching but do RBS show direct debits/credits the day before I’m guessing not as they tend to do batch processing in the early morning

Just for reference

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Really makes you wonder what influences this

Indeed. I do have a premier reward black account but that’s Child & Co. So you’d think it would be attached to that. Weird.

Did you upgrade the account at all? My Drummonds is just sat there as a select account. The only thing I can think of is that you got a different batch

For the Drummonds one: income I believe was the established factor. It used to be not everyone would get the drummonds branded card either.

For child and co, everyone just gets the same one AFAIK.

I just got my cheque books out to check and my Drummonds one says Premium Account, at least on the cover, but I earn a very mundane salary.

Also, I take it back, the old cheque books were much nicer

I’ll have to dish out cheques very sparingly.


I’m not sure I’ve ever sent a cheque :no_mouth: is that right at 35?


When the day comes that you do need a cheque, you can go totally last century and get a postal order :rofl:

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Never used those either :joy:

Carlo, you haven’t lived until you’ve sent a check!

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I’ve only sent cheques :grin:


Think I’ve written 3 in my life, all of them were 10+ years ago.

You’re a wee bit too British!

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I’ve never written or even got a cheque :joy: goodness knows what to even put

Check this guy out spelling cheque wrong!