Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chat

Ah, might be that your Drummond’s account isn’t open yet. Wonder if opening that puts some ‘Premier’ tag on your account?

You’ll have to order another chequebook after it’s open to see :grin:

Why is it taking so long?

Is yours the one with the coloured logo or the new black and white one?

Bc it took them more than 28 days to receive documents, so i had to tell them to not cancel the application.

Black and white sadly.

I’ve still not received mine and its been over a month.

Finally came and gone straight in the draw


Not sure what people were expecting? It’s a piece of paper with a bank’s logo printed on it.

Nobody’s going to frame it and put it on the wall.

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For the logo to be centred :joy:

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Surely you are :rofl:

Technically it is. :wink:

The left side just has an intrusive border.

Ah, the left side is just asserting its independence with that intrusive border! It’s like the rebellious teenager of the document layout.

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Happy cake day!

I use my child & co ones for birthday and Christmas cards instead of monzoing everyone.

At least now my Monzo-only sibling will be able to pay it in on the same day as everyone else now! Equality at last! :partying_face:


Thanks! If I was giving cash away for occasions I’d do the same probably!

Don’t forget @N26throwaway has the actual nice chequebook though, not this disaster we’ve ended up with.


I don’t see it as a disaster tbh. Sure it’s not as nice but it’s not like it was anything special before.

Yeah, but at the rate I used cheques, I’d have had the really nice one for another 30 years or so :frowning:

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Weirdly enough I received mine today too for both the Child & Co and the Drummonds.

My Drummonds says ‘premium account’ underneath the logo on each of the cheques which is different to yours.

There really is a number of variants.

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Sounds like for those that have or had both there’s been something added to the account to make one if them premier.

It’s so odd, as my ChildCo account has been upgrade to Premier. But also my card says my surname twice so who knows lol