Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chat

Managed to log in to the website and request a pin reminder by mail, it’s no biggy tbh as Apple Pay is fine.

Also had to use online to set up a standing order as the app wouldn’t let me choose a future date :upside_down_face:

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Some people seem to be stuck in a libo of not getting access in the app straight away. When I had my old account in 2022 I still didn’t have access to stuff after over a month.

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This was the experience I had - until the app let me set up biometrics, the View Pin function didn’t do anything.


Strange but RBS just sent me notification saying X DD has been collected today when it should be on the 2nd (usually 1st), checked my account and it hasn’t left but does say 2nd April under the DD in the list.

Is this an old bank quirk?

Yeah it’s because they started claiming today but can’t actually be taken till after the bank holiday had 6 DD say they got claimed today but with a date of Tuesday


Fair enough, thought it was weird as banks always do the day after if not the day. Wasn’t a problem if they did come out today but today is also bank holiday so that didn’t make sense either. :joy:


I just had this, but worded like “the first direct debit for XYZ has been taken today, you can cancel this by 20:00” or something very similar.

I was confused too but I guess it means it’s seen it’s coming for Tuesday.

Just checked direct debits in the app and it’s showing due 2nd April.

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My wife’s app finally got biometrics set up, view pin and change account name now working too. :+1:t2:


The weird thing is the rooster child app has notifications that make noise/vibrate on iOS!! :thinking:

I see the live chat support is still pants, sent a question at 15.02 after asking to speak to a human and it stated I’d receive a reply within one hour with a text when they replied. Didn’t receive a reply until 20.10 and didn’t get a text or notification. Not that it matters anyway as the agent had lied to me and given me false information regarding my question.

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Completely opposite from the experience I had. But you’ll get that almost everywhere. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes bad. Worst call times I’ve ever had were from First Direct, despite most people having a great experience with them.


Yeah that’s not been my experience at all with RBS chat support. Usually get through to someone right away and they’ve always helped with exactly what I want.

One reason I’ve switched to RBS.


I have a Child and Co account and a Drummonds account but I’d now like one of the new purple Visa debit cards. To do that I’ll need a new select account at a standard branch. Any views on whether that’s best done by using the “old form” or if it would be better to use the standard way of applying through the RBS website but without logging in to apply?

I’m guessing that if I log in to apply on the website I’ll get a new select account under my existing sort code as happens when using the streamlined process of applying for additional accounts through the app.

Old form I think.


I have rarely had to call them and have to admit I hardly ever need to contact them on live chat but when I do it’s a long waiting game.

It’s between RBS and First Direct on who gets closed next.

I like FD for the simplicity and customer service

but I like RBS due to the features and is one of my main accounts and is actually one of my local branches.

I ain’t for keeping both. :joy:

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Old form is probably easiest.

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Just received the cheque book after a month. It seems freshly printed and doesn’t have the coloured logo nor the ‘premium banking’ text.

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Mine came yesterday, just went straight into my desk drawer and didn’t open it, apart from taking it out of the envelope.

Disappointed but oh well. :laughing:


Why are some of us getting the Premier Account branding on the C&C chequebook and others aren’t when we seem to have ordered them about the same time?

Mine’s just the normal account opened via the old form a year or so back.

Is it having had a Drummond’s account that makes the difference?

Same, C&Co select acocunt. My drummonds account is not yet open. Maybe they just dont care about the inconsistency in branding.