Round up your Monzo purchases automatically!


Agree with this - Having both figures on a single item would look messy.

But I agree with the other sentiments that showing the rounded figure would make it harder to find things and match them up.

The perfect solution for me, would be to show the actual figure, with a little pig in the corner.

If I’ve spent £9.45, I know that £0.55 has been moved to coin jar (or whatever pot it is), I don’t need to be told that.

However… Kudos to Monzo for listening in the first place (tidying up coin jar), I’m sure they’ll work something out.

(Ziad) #44

This is great news! I’ve been waiting for this since Coin Jar was released. Good work.

(Henry G) #45

This is big news - very happy to hear Coin Jar has been not just fixed, but also improved! Thumbs up from me :+1:t3:

(Mark) #46

Is anyone else having a problem with their feed not updating to merge transaction and coin jar? I have had two from about 30 tranasaction update. The two are in June … one has merged completly and the other still shows the separate feed to coin jar although coin jar is showing on the original transaction as well.

Deleted app and reinstalled , logged out logged back in … no luck!

(Jai Sullivan) #47

I think it’s about design consistency too. We already have a similar thing in committed spending for ‘upcoming’ payments, so why not have a similar approach to the round up feature in the main feed?

(Damien Everett) #48

I’ve just switched off Coin Jar, having used it since it was first launched.

I export my transactions in QIF format into my accounting software. This records the coin jar transactions as going to a separate account. It no longer works with the combined transactions.

I want to be able to see what I’ve spent in each transaction. For example, if I want to see how much I’ve spent with a certain retailer, I’d type their name into the search bar. Now it’s showing rounded values which makes it appear that I’ve spent more than I really have.

The screen shot should show me how much I’ve spent on Transport this month. The total at the bottom is correct, but the values don’t add up. This feels like a fudge rather than what we’re used to with Monzo.

(There was also an issue where Coin Jar didn’t activate for some transactions, despite the balance being over £10)

(Jai Sullivan) #49

I haven’t had a chance to test this personally yet, but if this is correct then I have to say I agree :frowning:

(Jack) #50

Just made a purchase and I notice I still get the notification icon saying I have 2 new feed items when technically it’s only 1,

Anyone else had this?


I’m afraid that this would not work me either.

I have a PETROL pot and use IFTTT to automatically withdraw the equivalent of that transaction from that pot when used at certain garages (not supermarkets I hasten to add).

The main fund in my account is for groceries. If I was to make a petrol purchase, the extra would be withdrawn from the PETROL pot and then placed in the Coin Jar style pot. This would then fudge the amount of funds set aside for petrol.

Nice-ish function for those who use it, however, it is not a feature that I would use. Sorry.

(Nathan) #52

This would be the ideal solution in my eyes… nice and clean.

Love that my feed is tidy now, been wanting this for ages. Top job guys :+1:

(Ben) #53

Does anyone know how these transactions are handled within the API / the IFTTT integration to export to Google Sheets, for example.

(I use the API to export data to my budgeting app…)

Would the new coin jar function record this as two separate transactions (one to the vendor, the change to the pot), or the total amount?

If anyone knows that would be super :slight_smile:

(MikeF) #54

I do the same with Petrol but don’t understand the coin jar stuff you’re describing.

I pay £59.80 for Petrol, £0.20 goes into the coin jar and IFTTT pulls £59.80 from the Petrol pot. You never end up with a round balance but the Petrol pot isn’t abused in any way. Am I missing something?


Where did you find the applet for that? Or do you use the merchant one?

I assumed the full amount was withdrawn, not just the transaction amount so that’s good to know. Thanks

(MikeF) #56

I use the merchant one. I was rather pleased with myself/Monzo when it worked first time.

(Kieran McCann ) #57

Honestly this was a great surprise update.

My feed is looking lovely and tidy again and I’ve consolidated all my roundups and saving into the one pot now. Everything is just looking so much cleaner.

(Ray) #58

I really hate that I no longer have the exact spending figure. I really love rounding but have had to turn it off. I am beyond annoyed that it has back dated my transactions.
The reason is I need to know my exact transactions as I put them in a spread sheet. This has now become a time consuming chore. Please can you show the exact figure! I don’t mind if I don’t see the rounding figure.

(Ray) #59

I agree too and it will make my budgeting inaccurate and expense claims more difficult

(Only available in amateur ) #60

The exact figures are still on your statement which can still be exported or viewed in the same formats as before if that helps anyone

(Sacha) #61

I agree. Possibly there’s an issue with space as the description of a transaction can sometimes take part of the space where that would go.

Easily resolved by allowing longer descriptions to show fully in the feed and wrapping the text earlier (so in transactions with long notes/descriptions they are spread over more than one line) leaving space for the “roundup jar” text on the right of the screen

(Daz Fisher) #62

The rounded up is not a particular add on I will use but can see the attraction to others … as it is only 2 figures could this be shown in the bubble instead of the pot image, much like iOS notification badge?