Roll-over option for money not spent in budgets

Please have the option to sign up to a ROLL OVER BUDGETS option each month!

For example: If my shopping budget was £40 and i only spend £10 of it, automatically roll over the £30 left over to the next month to have £70 in my shopping budget to spend!

This would automatically do the roll over for every budget, and if overspent, would highlight it or something first.

Who else thinks this is a useful idea?
HBHowrse :sparkling_heart:

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Not one that I would find helpful tbh. I use budgeting to try and stay within my means - whatever I have “leftover” I put in a savings account - I might budge £40 and spend £10 so save the other £30 - so summary telling me I have £70 the next month would leave me well outside of my means.

Also, imagine if the categories rolled over but the total didn’t - all of a sudden you have a load of category budgets that would total more than my months total budget.

I think there are a lot of good ideas coming up of late, but they are too niche to how one person wants to use a feature. There are things the app doesn’t do that I want but as they’re niche I just find my own way to do them manually so as to not hinder others should they end up in the app from my suggestion.


Exactly this. There are many ‘broadstroke’ features still not available in Monzo that I could get elsewhere. Once they’ve got more of those added then sure, revisit and drill in to details like this.

I think the ability to “roll over” categories which have gone over or are under budget would be a really useful feature for long term budgeting.

For example: you might overspend on Eating Out due to a friend’s birthday dinner one month. You could then roll over your Eating Out budget to the next month (and the month after if you have to) to help you reduce your average spend over those two months to your normal Eating Out budget.

  • The option to roll over any budgets would be well placed within the Monthly Summary feed notification.

If you look at your monthly reports it gives you a button to change next months budgets. This gives you better control over turning on a rollover.

The money is still in your account, you have the choice to add it to next months budget or moving it elsewhere, or adding it to a different budget for the following month