Budget rollover

The only time I ever budgeted effectively in my life was when I was using a method whereby I would rollover the balance for each category every period. So instead of having a strict spending amount for each category some categories would gradually build up credit over time and some might go negative.

If one category built up too much credit or went negative for too long, that was a signal that I needed to change habits or review my budget. If I’d built up a lot of credit in one category that wasn’t needed I’d shift it to savings (or another category that needed it) and review the budget amount. If I had a category that was in debt for most of the year the plan was to top it up from savings and then review that category or make changes to my spending habits, although I never found myself in that situation.

The idea was more akin to savings pots with a monthly input for each budget category rather than a strict spending limit, allowing one to plan and average out, say, a whole year. Psychologically it facilitated a way of being frugal one month in order to spend more in another. And it also reflected the reality of spending, which was different each period.

This might be why I haven’t gravitated to Summary effectively yet. I think it might be nice if Summary could work in this way. But maybe it’d be too complicated. Any thoughts?


This would be a great feature for long term budgeting.

The option to ‘rollover’ each budget category to the next month would fit nicely as an option in the monthly spending reports.


Found a related comment here talking about budgeting apps:

I personally wouldn’t use this feature as I like to skim the account towards the end of the month into savings. That said, I actually agree that this is a fantastic idea and should be available in the app, with an option to switch it on and off for users.


My top wish from monzo is essentially this. Being able to “rollover” budgets, and preferably choose by category too. Ideally, my personal setup would be for any remaining allowance in my grocery or transport budget to be added to next month’s grocery and transport budget (as sometimes the timing of filling up my car or doing a big shop changes, so currently some months I’m under budget and others I’m over), and for anything left in my shopping and entertainment budgets to be added to a pot which I can use on more expensive treats like a new games console or a weekend break. The rest would probably go into savings. I can almost fiddle things to this effect currently but it would be great to have a proper feature to do something like this.

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Yes, agree re rollover budgets. I though Monzo would replace budgeting in YNAB but it’s not quite there. I was prepared to commit to only using Monzo instead of a credit card too; however, the way budgeting seems to work doesn’t put it in the same league as YNAB.