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It would be great if monzo could create a section for both a future monzo rewards scheme but also in the same section enable users to add in reward schemes they’re already a part of such as British airways executive lounge members or Tesco club card membership. Enabling members to store their enrolled reward schemes from other companies into the monzo app would allow members the ease of being able to view all of their schemes without having to go into many separate apps or visit many different websites. It would create a big leap towards the financial hub that monzo wants to create in the long run and one that would see a lot of use, in an age where consumers are growingly apart of numerous reward schemes.

Hi Andy & welcome :wave:

Sincere question - are you aware of Monzo Plus and the (now paused) Monzo points?

I think he wants something similar to the ‘see your credit cards’ in app but with rewards cards :slight_smile:

I think it’s slightly different what they are suggesting.

It’s more of a place to show how many Avios you have, how many Boots points you have, Starbucks credit, Tesco points etc.

To be honest Google does this for me in Google Pay app but I like the concept.

Thanks for the kind welcome David, I am aware of monzo plus and would have signed up to it already except for the fact that I have just finalised all of my holiday insurance for my upcoming trip. If monzo plus had been better advertised in the app I would have likely already signed up for it.

I did not know that monzo had currently postponed its rewards initiative. I would like to see them reignite this process and highly recommend that they create a way to add reward accounts from other providers into this future section also.

I have heard a lot about what the founder Tom envisioned for Monzo prior to joining and his vision of a central financial hub for users is an idea I share, which is why I believe using tools such as compiling all outside reward schemes to be viewed in the monzo app would be highly attractive to modern consumers and definitely would benefit not just the user but also The Monzo company

This feature has been suggested previously. You can vote for it here:

This feature has also been suggested previously. You can vote for it here: