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Thinking about it I imagine it’s the same reason Monzo is only recently getting away from the travel card thing for lots of people, its been marketed as a card rather than a bank for a long time. A card is for doing things with, a bank is for holding your money.

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That sounds like reasonable thinking. Monzo was and still is great at being a spending card with a good app. My issues with Monzo started when I used them as my bank. They didn’t quite work as well as being my bank, and my concern is the same thing will happen with Revolut. Becoming a bank is one thing, but revamping your app to work better as a bank is tricky hurdle. I think Starling had an advantage in this regard by going the bank first approach, and probably why they feel like the more polished bank when you compare the three.

Can you elaborate on these issues?

Merchant enrichment is often incorrect and isn’t updated. Even correct merchants can change to incorrect ones overnight for no reason. I’d much prefer to see the unenriched data Monzo receive as that would at least make some sense to me.

Payee management is absolutely unacceptable for a bank and there have been numerous calls for years for improvement but nothing. The only app I’ve seen do it worse was N26 where they weren’t saved at all. I remember there was a time when Monzo wouldn’t allow you to save your payees either, it just showed you 2 or 3 recents. Not sure if that changed as I only have 2 people I ever pay.

(Inconsistent/unclear loan and overdraft criteria)

Hiding the chat.

There are also lots of things they do well, I like having shared tabs right there in app and the ease with which I can pay Monzo contacts.

Being able to see upcoming payments now three days early is also great but not that important for me

Overall there are little niggles but they’re still the best overall option for me despite the compromises. I wouldn’t trust Revolut just yet even with a banking licence after the stories of accounts being frozen

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Can we stick to Revolut in the Revolut thread please? There’s an entire forum to talk about Monzo.


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@ndrw covers most of my qualms.

I’ve elaborated on my issues many times on other threads which are more suited for discussions on Monzo, so I won’t rehash too much. Essentially it just comes down to the fact that for my use they don’t work well as being both my bank and my spending card, and the half baked features they’ve made to try to make Monzo work better as a bank left me frustrated as a user. I’m also not keen on the interface and the customer support issues of late don’t really help.

The good news is, Monzo recently indicated that they are aware of their pitfalls when it comes to being both a great bank and a great spending card and are trying to improve in that aspect. If they get it right, I’ll give them another go at being my bank. Here’s what Monzo have said they are doing that would make the experience better for me:

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The ability to give payees nicknames is only recent on Revolut, but what a difference a little feature makes.


I really like the Revolut interface, so if they get a full uk banking licence then I would feel more confident to use them as a primary bank.

I certainly wouldn’t, after reading this study of the customer service Revolut currently offers:


The whole suspend your account for 3 - 6 months for checks is a reason I will avoid Revolut. The fact it can happen multiple times as well is a big problem.

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I’ve heard about the suspended accounts but the few experiences I’ve have had with Revolut support were very good but the article doesn’t paint a good picture.

Then there was the whole “we will sack you in 30 minutes or you can take a slight bit of cash and leave on your own” thing to get around redundancy laws.

Honestly, with the exception of maybe Atom Bank, none of the fintechs are very good in the customer service department in my experience. It sucks because it’s one of the aspects of a company that matters the most to me, but as a result, until someone gets it right, it’s not going to be a deciding factor for me.

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Very much agree with this. Whilst the products are good, service is very often not. I’ve commented countless times on the fact that Monzo just drops phone calls, many people say they emailed weeks ago etc. Monzo isn’t exactly a service angel for a lot of people. Starling has had similar complaints. Personally for me, Revolut provides a product that very often does not need servicing and the few times I’ve had to use it they’ve been excellent. I wouldn’t be so fast to brand them or their customer service as evil as the media loves to jump on everything.


This is my issue with Revolut also. Every news story about the company culture frankly makes them sound like a really shitty company, and absolutely not one I’d like to do business with.

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I wonder if the media would jump on them as much if the CEO had an ‘English’ name.


Pride card is back. Donate min £3 to order while stocks last.

Do they report to CRAs? I want one but don’t want to have another account appear on my credit file before completing on a mortgage?

Do not see my Revolut acc on my credit report

There’s a toggle (introduced a while back) for it under privacy settings: