Request to Pay - utilities bill payment

Hello Monzo, is launching Request to Pay service in the UK:

It will allow billers such as utilities to send payment requests directly to payers’s mobile banking app, where payers can see all their bills and payment requests in one place and plan outgoings accordingly.
This service will allow several ways to respond to the request to pay: pay in full, pay in part, request extension, or start a chat with the biller in case the bill is incorrect.

Are you planning to implement this in the app soon?


I’d imagine no time soon given this is still sand-boxed.

One to check up on in six months if it’s taken off?

This feels like a difficult sell to me but (obviously) I only know the bit of the world I live in but which is full of Direct Debits for utilities. Is there really a desperate need for this?

What am I missing?

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Yeah that struck me too.

Looking at it, for those who may struggle to meet DDs (on variable incomes perhaps, week to week?) the ability to part pay a bill, and pay some in advance, would make managing it better (perhaps not ‘easier’ mind you).

Also confused as to the benefits of this service so I had a read on their website.

The only tangible thing I can think of is another feature that has been requested on here. This was where people wanted the option to pay their direct debits early.

I guess this service treats it more like a credit card balance? So you make the minimum payment and chip away at the full balance over a period that suits you? or pay it a few days later rather than the committed 1st of each month if your payday is 4 weekly for example :man_shrugging: