Reporting a Security Risk

Hey, I’ve been trying to find a way to report a security risk to Monzo. I’ve found what I’d consider a massive security issue to do with someone being able to charge a while completely bypassing a security code. Where would I go to report this?

Could you expand on your findings?

Do you mean while shopping online, 3DS can be bypassed? No code/auth required through Monzo app or sms?

You can always report this through the help function of the app, and speaking to an advisor.

There’s contact details at

There’s a disclosure program, although the site seems to be down for me, but I’m not sure if it covers the type of issue I think you mean.

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The website @kolok mentioned is what id recommend you use. This has been mentioned by staff in the past too.

It should then go straight to the appropriate people and will be properly managed.