"Rent" category?

Am I missing something? Or is there no category for rent? It’s most people’s biggest expense so seems like a big omission.

Either use an existing one or if you pay for premium / plus you get custom categories which you can set as whatever. It’s been mentioned before, doubtful anything will change on the free tier.


Generally put it under the bills category along with all the other bills.


I use “family”. :man_shrugging:

(It has a picture of a house)

Oh, thanks @DaveJ. I see custom categories are available on the premium plans.

CRO tip for @Monzo - promote custom categories on the premium plans on this screen. Increase your revenues and make customers happier. No charge for this tip :wink:

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Or just look at the Plus tab for a list of all the benefits :stuck_out_tongue:

We already get enough pushy ads for premium plans, thanks!


I don’t :eyes:

Nobody does. But some object to even the slightest hint that Monzo sell things.


I haven’t seen many pushy ads. Anyway, it doesn’t need to be pushy. Can just be an informative line of text that custom categories are available on other plans. Otherwise how else are people going to know?

By the way, if you like this bank and want it to thrive and continue to be successful, it needs to make money.


I don’t, as I’ve said many times before. But the different degrees of in app pushiness are something that we’re not all going to agree on.

Yes, I’m doing my bit there.