Remove specific amount from pot

Is there any way I can limit the amount of money in my pot? I want this as I can not remove 3.20 for example as you can only remove in fives.


You can remove any amount though…?

But no I don’t think there’s a way to limit the amount once goal is reached.

You can remove a custom amount by tapping on the amount figure and it’ll bring up a keyboard. Very bad UX though.


There isnt, but there should be. I hope they improve some of the features they’ve added like these as they are a bit… minimal.

There is. Tap on the number.

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Tap dat number :laughing: But yeah the option to stop collecting roundups, or move roundups into an overspill goal would be cool. This is the first implementation of goals though.

I guess they should make it more obvious that you can select the amount to withdraw, deposit etc.

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This screen/UI really needs some rethinking.


Could IFTTT do this? I can’t remember all of the fields.

That’s perfect, thanks!

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