Redesigning Spending


I get paid on the 17th and need this redesign of spending ASAP

It’s so frustrating that the spending tab in its current form is useless to me


Waiting patiently :roll_eyes:

(Alex Sherwood) #192

Some of us have been waiting almost 2 years for this change :sweat_smile:

It looks like you won’t have to wait much longer than Thursday though when Monzo Labs launch :smiley:


Have Monzo confirmed this is when they’ll release the feature? Exciting

(Alex Sherwood) #194

It looks likely doesn’t it :slight_smile: lets wait & see :crossed_fingers:

(Dan) #195

@alexs are you going to the Event? If so I will see you there :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alex Sherwood) #196

Great, yes I am :slight_smile:


Allowing custom dates for spending and budget would make Monzo absoloutely perfect.

I get paid 13 times a year (4 weekly) and there are very few apps around (if any) that suit this pay style. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to do and it would be of great benefit to so many users. Does anyone agree?

(Only available in amateur ) #198

This is coming very soon, or at least some ability to customise dates. Have to wait for the release to get full details


Thanks for the reply. I think it’s a no brainer. So many people with so many different pay schedules would benefit.

(Wayne Simpson) #200

Are we getting the update today??? Please say “hell yeah” or I’m off… well not really… :wink:

(Only available in amateur ) #201

We’re getting something today

It involves a big red button so it must be good

(Aleksandr ) #202

Stuart from Big Bang Theory :rofl:


Doesn’t the ‘exciting mystery feature’ differ from the redesign of spending tab?

Hope not as I really want it!

(Michael) #204

I believe (thought just a guess!), that the spending tab will be the first thing that’s in the labs


Good :slight_smile:


Looking awesome so far! Being able to click on your last salary payment to set the month is class, but does that assume the same date each month? Also committed spend is blank?


Monzonauts are paid on the 26th. It reset this morning beautifully!

Oh, @WillP79, also committed spending is just standing orders right now. It’s gonna extend to DDs, we’re working on it. I asked this morning :see_no_evil:

(Dan Bennett) #208

Post this here as the Labs forum isn’t up yet. But the ability to set the starting date regardless of Salary would be preferred (but if you can select salary then great). Especially for those of us whos monthly salary is lower than £500 (don’t ask… it’s a depressing story!)


You can set pay date manually by using the drop down ‘this month’ button :slightly_smiling_face: